Skyline (2010)

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When strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, people are drawn outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth. Now the band of survivors must fight for their lives as the world unravels around them.

"Skyline" is a 2010 sci-fi thriller movie directed by Colin and Greg Strause. The movie stars Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Brittany Daniel, Crystal Reed, David Zayas, and Donald Faison. It explores the aftermath of a mystical alien invasion, the aim of which is to abduct Earth's residents by disabling them with a hypnotic light program.

The movie begins with Jarrod (played by Eric Balfour) and his sweetheart Elaine (played by Scottie Thompson) flying to Los Angeles to commemorate Jarrod's old good friend Terry's (played by Donald Faison) birthday. That night, after the party, they witness a mesmerizing light descending from the sky. Unknown to them initially, the light is really a ploy by a getting into alien types to intrigue humans and kidnap them. When trapped in the light, people are paralyzed and drew into huge alien ships.

Alien Invasion
After the first attack, Jarrod and Elaine, in addition to a couple of survivors conceal in Terry's condominium to get away the alien siege however they rapidly realize that nowhere is truly safe. As their desperate defend survival unfurls, they learn that exposure to the alien lights modifies human cellular makeup, providing increased physical abilities however also making them targets for the aliens.

Survival Attempts
Throughout the film, the group tries to develop strategies to get away the skyscraper without entering into contact with the light. From useless attempts to hole up through the structure's garage, to making desperate strategies of reaching the marina to cruise away, their ventures mainly end with more abductions. The suspense escalates when Elaine discovers that she is pregnant which Jarrod, after being exposed to the hypnotic light, is altering in ways they can not understand.

The Climax
Towards the end, Jarrod and Elaine get abducted, despite their best shots to evade the aliens. Inside the ship, they witness firsthand the scary fate of the captives - human beings are processed, their brains utilized to power alien bio-mechanical fits. Jarrod's transformed state shows helpful as his brain, suited an alien body, keeps his consciousness. This surprising twist ends as he safeguards Elaine from other aliens, demonstrating human resistance and strength against the alien intrusion. The story concludes as a cliffhanger which sets the phase for its follow up, "Beyond Skyline".

"Skyline" provides an intense cinematic experience, blending aspects of sci-fi and horror. The film checks out the concept of global catastrophe while compelling audiences with its story of survival and mankind's battle against an insurmountable alien force. Fans of the category discover it engaging due to the spectacular visual effects and the haunting suspense that's continuous throughout. Although it got mixed reviews from critics, its distinct ending and the continued human defiance versus alien invasion have given it a cult following amongst a specific niche of sci-fi enthusiasts. Through "Skyline", the Strause bros portray how even the most disastrous events can't eradicate the human will to make it through and withstand.

Top Cast

  • Eric Balfour (small)
    Eric Balfour
  • Scottie Thompson (small)
    Scottie Thompson
  • David Zayas (small)
    David Zayas
  • Donald Faison (small)
    Donald Faison
  • Brittany Daniel (small)
    Brittany Daniel
  • Crystal Reed (small)
    Crystal Reed
  • Neil Hopkins (small)
    Neil Hopkins
  • J. Paul Boehmer (small)
    J. Paul Boehmer
  • Tanya Newbould (small)
    Tanya Newbould
  • Pam Levin
    Pregnant Abductee
  • Phet Mahathongdy
    Airplane Mom / Bartender