Small Time (2014)

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Al Klein and his longtime friend, Ash Martini, own a used car lot and these two know every trick in the book when it comes to selling cars. Klein still pines for his ex-wife Barbara who left him years ago for a more successful man. After their son Freddy graduates from high school, he decides to forego college in favor of selling cars with his old man. But what’s good for Klein might not be the best thing for Freddy, as he quickly transforms from an innocent young man into a jaded car salesman, leaving Al with a tough decision to make.

"Small Time" is an American comedy-drama movie written and directed by Joel Surnow and released in 2014. The movie catches the complicated intricacies of father-son relationships, coupled with a funny take on vehicle dealer and transitional battles of young adulthood. It stars Christopher Meloni, Dean Norris, and Devon Bostick as the main characters.

Plot Summary
The story focuses on Al Klein (Christopher Meloni), a used cars and truck salesperson who co-owns a lot named Diamond Motors with his organization partner, Ash Martini (Dean Norris). Regardless of coping a failed marriage that left him rather miserable, Al discovers pleasure in his work, selling vintage lorries together with Ash's fast-talking antics.

The turning point of "Small Time" gets here when Al's child, Freddy Klein (Devon Bostick), graduates high school and reveals he will not be going to college. Rather, he chooses to join Al's company of selling utilized cars and trucks. Al, although surprised, supports his boy's choice and introduces him to the fundamentals of the vehicle service.

Characters and Themes
As the story unfolds, Freddy displays a natural propensity for the vehicle dealing business, revealing indications of ending up being a fantastic salesman, similar to his daddy. However, amidst the success and success of their father-son business duo, Al realizes that he has actually succumbed to the stressing thought that his child might acquire his own rather ordinary life. Regardless of his initial passion, Al is faced with the duty of provoking greater aspirations in his son, beyond simply selling utilized cars and trucks.

Freddy's mom, Barbara (Bridget Moynahan), this non-traditional career path, hence producing more tensions and showcasing the divide in viewpoint amongst parents. "Small Time" has fun with the style of familial bonds, duty, life options and the pursuit of happiness vs. financial success.

The spiral of events eventually culminates in a personal crisis. Freddy is associated with an automobile accident, a regrettable occurrence that makes Al question the path he has actually selected for Freddy. The event not only changes Al's point of view towards their business however also his own function in life. In the end, Al requires to choose whether to keep his son close, following his own footsteps in an occupation he loves, or to press him to explore more comprehensive horizons even if it means not having him around.

Last Thoughts
"Small Time" is a sober, interesting, and captivating film that examines a father-son relationship via an uncommon lens-- a used cars and truck store. Although packed with comic episodes, the motion picture does not stop working to instigate thought about aspirations, life choices, and the sacrifice of moms and dads. It wonderfully records how private ambitions can typically end up being a point of contention within the household while worrying the significance of choosing one's path in life with caution, bearing in mind the long-lasting implications it might have. Through Al Klein and his kid Freddy, "Small Time" aims to communicate the idea that a person man's enthusiasm might not necessarily be an appropriate legacy to hand down.

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