Small Town Crime (2018)

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Mike Kendall, a disgraced ex-cop, is fighting a losing battle with the bottle. When he finds a woman left for dead at the side of a road, Kendall turns private eye to track down her killers, taking one last shot at redemption.

Plot Introduction
"Small Town Crime" is a 2018 American crime thriller movie directed by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms. It stars John Hawkes as alcoholic ex-cop Mike Kendall who ends up being involved in a murky murder case upon discovering a woman's dead body. The movie is a character-driven story, centering around redemption and the battle between individual devils and the pursuit of justice.

Main Characters and Initial Development
Mike Kendall, played by John Hawkes, was once a reputable law enforcement officer. He loses his task due to his alcoholism, leading him to start a down spiral of anguish and self-pity. His adoptive bro, depicted by Octavia Spencer, and his sister-in-law, played by Robert Forster, supply him with support and hope. However, Mike's life takes an unanticipated turn when he finds a brutally beaten girl left for dead by the side of the roadway.

Shift to a Murder Mystery
Upon finding the female, Mike takes her to the healthcare facility where she succumbs to her injuries. Haunted by the lady's death and resembling his cruel spirit, Mike chooses to solve the case separately. After being rejected official consent, he starts an unauthorized and typically reckless investigation to find her killer, leading him onto a hazardous course.

Rising Action and Escalation

Despite missteps and various barriers, Mike's examination begins unveiling a series of suspicious occasions. As he delves deeper into the secret, he finds a dark secret about the town and a criminal ring operating beneath its surface area. Mike's unrelenting pursuit of the fact makes him a target, putting his own life in danger. He also puts his enjoyed ones at jeopardy as he squares off with the town's violent criminal element, requiring him to face his past.

Climax and Resolution
In the climactic sequence, Mike challenges the lawbreakers, culminating in a violent confrontation. In the end, Mike's valiancy and ruthless pursuit of justice result in the apprehension of the crooks and the murder's resolution. In the process, he redeems himself and shows his worth, showing that regardless of his defects, he still bears the heart of a real crime-fighter.

Last Thoughts
"Small Town Crime" is a gritty police procedural that brings a fresh take on the investigator category. It presents a story not just of criminal activity and justice, however also of individual redemption, successfully blending thrilling and psychological elements. Covered in suspense and thrill, the film provides an extreme depiction of a small-town investigator's relentless pursuit of justice. John Hawkes offers a compelling efficiency as Mike Kendall, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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