Smokin' Aces (2006)

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When a Las Vegas performer-turned-snitch named Buddy Israel decides to turn state's evidence and testify against the mob, it seems that a whole lot of people would like to make sure he's no longer breathing.

"Smokin' Aces" is a 2006 crime thriller movie written and directed by Joe Carnahan. The narrative focuses on the coalescing plots of numerous agreement killers focusing on one target - Buddy 'Aces' Israel. Loaded with thrilling action sequences, weaving stories, and a stellar ensemble cast, the movie unfolds an extreme drama with an unforeseen climax.

Main Story
Friend 'Aces' Israel (Jeremy Piven) is a magician-turned-gangster in Las Vegas, who becomes a target after choosing to affirm versus the mob. A substantial bounty of one million dollars is put on Israel's heart by mob boss Primo Sparazza. As the news of the bounty spreads throughout the underworld, lots of hit men, mercenaries and assassins, including a master of disguise and torture Lazlo Soot, three female psychopathic fugitive hunter called the Tremor siblings, a shabby veteran Sharice Watters, and a bond recovering agent Jack Dupree, set out to collect the substantial benefit.

Intervention of the FBI
While the killers hurry towards 'Aces,' 2 FBI agents, Richard Messner (Ryan Reynolds) and Donald Carruthers (Ray Liotta), are dealing with his protective custody. The duo has been appointed to guarantee Israel's safety as they get him first before the assassins get their hands on him. The agents come across the hit man along the way, resulting in a number of extremely charged confrontational scenes and fatal encounters.

The Climax Twist
As the film reaches its climax, the plot takes an unexpected twist. It is revealed that the entire operation of seeking out Buddy 'Aces' Israel was a ruse managed by the Department of Justice to draw out Sparazza. The allegedly dying old mob employer is really an undercover FBI agent called Freeman Heller, and Buddy is found to be his invalid kid. Heller has actually been gathering insider info about the mob for many years; for that reason, the FBI saw it sensible to utilize him as bait than kill his child due to organ transplant requirements.

The film concludes with a bitter revelation of the intricacy of the FBI operation to tempt Sparazza to record his heart for a transplant required by Heller himself who is struggling with extreme cardiovascular disease. Richard Messner, coming to grips with the morality of what the agency has done, holds the health department and health center personnel at gunpoint, declining to let them kill Israel. The film ends on a rather tragic note, as Messner is seen sitting beside the life support devices of Israel and Sparazza, considering the choices that led him here.

"Smokin' Aces", with a convoluted plot centralizing on the competition among assassins and a deep reflection on justice and morality, provides an elaborate narrative driven by an outstanding ensemble cast of characters. The movie recorded the audience's attention with its increased suspense, multi-layered story-telling design, and stunning plot twist. Although it received combined evaluations, its distinct range of characters and unforeseeable narrative makes it an appealing look for fans of the crime-thriller genre.

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