Snowboard Academy (1997)

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A wacky free-for-all comedy about the riotous rivalry between snobby skiers and knuckle-dragging snowboarders.

Film Overview
"Snowboard Academy" is a comedy motion picture that was released in 1997. The film was directed by John Shepphird and mainly stars Corey Haim as Chris Barry and Jim Varney as Rudy James. Seemingly appealing to a teenage audience, this film produces a humorous stress in between the older generation of skiers and the young, fashionable snowboarders, capturing the competitive spirit of winter season sports. The movie's theme mostly centers around the rivalry in between two siblings, their love for a same lady, and a ski resort's defend survival.

The Storyline
The story of "Snowboard Academy" focuses on Chris Barry (Corey Haim), a young, freewheeling snowboarder, and his older, more major sibling, Paul Barry (Patrick Muldoon), a skilled safety patrolman and skier. This sibling rivalry morphs into a bigger competition when their father, Moe Barry (Ed McNamara), who owns the ski resort where the movie is situated, creates a motivational contest in between them. Chris and Paul are challenged to each run their own ski school - for snowboarding and snowboarding respectively. The one whose students perform much better will take control over the resort's management.

Main Characters
Corey Haim as Chris Barry is passionate, careless, and zealous about snowboarding, a character that effortlessly attracts a lot of far-out snowboarding students. On the other hand, Paul Barry, the responsible boy and a competent skier, has a hard time to get students for his ski school due to the growing appeal of snowboarding.

Jim Varney as Rudy James includes an amusing component to the movie script as he is a nutty explosive specialist worked with by a competitor to destroy the Barry's mountain turn to gain its ownership. He also takes the duty of handling the resort's ski store. His comic incidents and quirky techniques constantly increase the humor ratio of the story.

Humor and Competition
Throughout the movie, comical aspects are merged with sports competitors. This is most apparent during the showing of the abilities and techniques of the students from both the snowboarding and skiing schools. Chris's school mostly brings in negligent yet exciting show-offs, while Paul's school brings in an older, more conservative crowd. The contrast between the not successful older skiers attempting to master intricate techniques and the young, lively snowboarders supplies a lot of comedic minutes.

The Climax & Resolution
As the competitors draws to its end, both schools reveal an excellent performance. On The Other Hand, Rudy James' failed attempts at undermining the resort lead to accidental improvements to the mountain's snowboarding course. In a remarkable twist towards the end of the motion picture, the Barry siblings recognize their shared love interest - a woman named Ellen (Brigitte Nielsen) - triggering them to reserve their rivalry and unify versus a typical enemy, Rudy.

In the end, the brothers combine the schools into a single snowboard and ski academy, bring back harmony to the resort and fixing their conflicts. The film ends on a delighted and fulfilling note.

Total Impact
"Snowboard Academy" is an ideal mix of comedy, competitors, and winter sports that communicates a strong message about brotherhood and unity. Despite its fairly predictable plot, the movie's amusing twists and turns and endearing characters make it a light-hearted and amusing watch.

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