Solar Crisis (1990)

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A huge solar flare is predicted to fry the Earth. Astronauts aboard the spaceship Helios must go to the Sun to drop a bomb equipped with an Artificial Intelligence and a Japanese pilot at the right time so the flare will point somewhere else.

Solar Crisis (1990): Summary
"Solar Crisis" is a 1990 American-Japanese sci-fi film directed by Richard C. Sarafian and Alan Smithee, with a story adapted from the unique "Kuraishisu niju-goju nen" by Takeshi Kawata. The movie features a star-studded cast, consisting of Tim Matheson, Charlton Heston, Peter Boyle, and Annabel Schofield.

Setting and Background
Embed in the year 2050, our planet Earth is on the edge of damage due to an impending solar flare from the Sun. This solar flare, believed to be one million times more powerful than any other, threatens to obliterate Earth and all life as we understand it. In a quote to save humankind from this catastrophic occasion, a global team of astronauts and researchers embark on a treacherous objective aboard the "Helios", a spaceship developed to deliver a bomb that would prevent the solar flare from reaching Earth.

The Helios Mission
The Helios mission, headed by Steve Kelso (Tim Matheson), is humankind's last hope. The mission intends to harness the power of the sun and prevent the solar crisis by dropping a state-of-the-art bomb into the sun's core, thus triggering a mini-explosion and altering the solar flare's trajectory far from Earth. Regardless of the high stakes, lots of people on Earth are doubtful towards the Helios mission, with some going to great lengths to mess up the mission and make use of the crisis to their own benefit.

One such person is Arnold Teague (Peter Boyle), a callous and rich industrialist who sees the solar crisis as an opportunity to make money from Earth's destruction, in addition to manipulate those in control. Teague believes that if the objective stops working, he can rebuild civilization in his image once Earth has actually been damaged. In order to guarantee the objective's failure, Teague deploys a highly knowledgeable and harmful assassin, Alexander Saviour (played by Jack Palance), to sabotage the Helios and stop the bomb from being released.

The Journey and the Sabotage
As the Helios and its team make their way towards the sun, they handle numerous difficulties onboard, including power failures, system failures, and emergency situations that threaten their lives. Amidst these challenges, Kelso is gradually deciphering Teague's plan and attempts to prevent his efforts at sabotage.

At the very same time, the crew of the Helios begins to experience the extreme impacts of the sun's energy. Stress increase as they come to grips with the mental and physical tension of their journey, along with the interpersonal disputes that emerge due to the high stakes.

While Kelso continues investigating the sabotage, he discovers proof that points to Saviour's seepage aboard the Helios. In a battle of wits and abilities, Kelso and the crew should collaborate to stop Saviour and make sure the success of the mission.

Conclusion: The Battle for Earth's Survival
Just as the sun begins to show signs of releasing its destructive solar flare, Kelso and his crew manage to deploy the bomb, effectively modifying the solar flare's trajectory and preventing the complete destruction of Earth.

As the Helios endures the extreme heat and pressure close to the sun, the team battles versus time and their failing ship to avoid Saviour from triggering additional damage. The spacecraft eventually breaks down, however not before the solar crisis is averted.

"Solar Crisis" is a dramatic, action-packed science fiction experience that explores styles of greed, human survival, and the sacrifices that people and countries want to make to save their world. With stunning visuals and a thrilling plot, it remains a traditional movie that highlights the possible threats caused by mankind's unrelenting quest for power and control.

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