Source of Pride: The Making of "Pride and Glory" (2009)

Documentary about the chaotic film shooting of "Pride and Glory"

"Source of Pride: The Making of Pride and Glory" is a behind-the-scenes take a look at the creation of the 2008 police procedural movie, "Pride and Glory", starring Edward Norton, Colin Farrell, and Jon Voight. This interesting 2009 documentary supplies special insights into the creative procedure, production difficulties, and thematic depth of an extreme cops household drama. In addition, the documentary provides interviews with the cast and crew who share their experiences and contributions that helped form the gritty and psychological movie.

Secret Aspects of Production
The documentary explores the important aspects of producing "Pride and Glory". Linked with bits from the movie, it examines the effort committed to shaping a distinctly real, raw, and hard-edged project. It clarifies the procedure of script development, option of recording places to reflect New York's authenticity, and the intricate dimensions of the plot unraveled by means of an outstanding ensemble cast.

Director Gavin O'Connor confesses that the job was deeply individual to him. His intimate tie to the milieu, which includes household history with New York's authorities department, is tangible in his storytelling. In addition, a meticulous attention to detail, from squad rooms to cops jargon, shows the efforts to breed credibility into the motion picture's set and discussions.

Exploring the Characters
The documentary pays unique attention to character development and the extraordinary efficiencies of the star-studded cast. Edward Norton discusses the intricate characteristics of his character, Ray Tierney, a household's golden boy ensnared in ethical problems. His character is a principled police officer investigating a case that slowly links his own relative, which presses him to the edge.

Colin Farrell information his experience depicting Jimmy Egan, the corrupt and impressionable brother-in-law police officer, with revealed interest and gravity. Jon Voight, as the patriarch of the policing Tierney household, speaks on the human qualities of his ethically uncertain character.

The Roles of Cast and Crew
"Source of Pride: The Making of Pride and Glory" showcases the synergy and contributions of the cast and team that took the movie to fulfillment. Interviews unveil how cast members immersed themselves in their characters' world, trained with real NYPD officers, and used method acting to deliver raw, genuine performances.

The documentary likewise looks at the cinematography, where Declan Quinn transformed the streets of New York into a tense, climatic cinematic landscape. Mark Isham's music composition is likewise credited for enhancing the extreme and emotional tone of the film.

In conclusion, "Source of Pride: The Making of 'Pride and Glory'", provides a compelling view into the hard work, dedication, and creativity that powered the production of a complex and emotional movie. Through cast and team interviews, behind-the-scenes video footage, and commentary on the cinematic elements, it showcases the tremendous efforts purchased bringing to life a story rooted in familial ties, moral conflicts, and the search for truth in a world swarming with corruption.

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