Splash (1984)

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A successful businessman falls in love with the girl of his dreams. There's one big complication though; he's fallen hook, line and sinker for a mermaid.

"Splash" is a 1984 American romantic funny movie directed by Ron Howard. Written by Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, and Bruce Jay Friedman, the movie presents a creative reworking of the timeless mermaid folklore, bringing it to a contemporary setting. The film stars Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, John Candy, and Eugene Levy, who all provide unforgettable efficiencies.

Plot Summary
The movie informs the story of a young boy called Allen Bauer who, while vacationing with his family, falls into the ocean and is conserved by a young mermaid. However, Allen doesn't realize he was conserved by a mermaid and reject the occurrence as a vibrant musing.

Years later, now a successful produce supplier in New York City, Allen (played by Tom Hanks) is unhappy and unfinished in his romantic life. When he coincidentally falls under the sea once again, the exact same mermaid, named Madison (played by Daryl Hannah), rescues him. This time, Madison decides to discover Allen in New York, taking on a human form with legs when she's dry however reverting back to her fish tail when wet.

Twist of Romance
Madison discovers Allen and they quickly fall in love. Regardless of her inability to speak English initially, Madison learns the language in one day by seeing numerous television channels all at once. Allen is intrigued by Madison's mysterious past however is unaware that she is a mermaid. On the other hand, Madison tries to hide her real identity to avoid terrifying Allen away.

Obstacles and Revelation
Their romance is not without barriers. A figured out scientist, Walter Kornbluth (played by Eugene Levy), who earlier saw Madison in her mermaid form, relentlessly attempts to expose Madison, going to great lengths to show mermaids exist. Eventually, through a succession of events, Madison's identity as a mermaid is openly exposed, causing Allen to respond in shock and horror.

Climax and Conclusion
Despite his preliminary heartbreak, Allen recognizes his love for Madison is more powerful than his worry of her being different. Todd, Allen's playboy brother (played by John Candy), assists Allen in rescuing Madison from a government facility. Nevertheless, once they get away, Madison notifies Allen that if he selects to be with her, he must live underwater in the merfolk society, not able to return to the surface. Despite the effect, Allen delves into the sea choosing love over everything, and they swim away together, probably to live gladly under the sea.

Impact and Legacy
"Splash" is best remembered as a breakout movie for its director, Ron Howard, and turned Hanks into a practical romantic lead in Hollywood. The film's unique effects, especially the convincingly practical mermaid tail, were also lauded. A vital and business success, "Splash" endures as a captivating and easy going fairy tale for adults, providing an unique take on love and approval of one's true identity. Its influence can be seen in numerous later movies and television programs including mermaids or other mythical creatures caught in a romantic, contemporary setting. The movie spawned a short-lived television series and a 1990s made-for-TV sequel.

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