Stallone: Frank, That Is (2021)

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An inside look into the fascinating life, career and survival of the most unknown famous entertainer in Hollywood.

"Stallone: Frank, That Is" is a 2021 documentary directed by Derek Wayne Johnson. The film features an intimate and extensive look at the life and profession of Frank Stallone, more youthful bro of Hollywood star, Sylvester Stallone. The movie showcases Frank's accomplishments and struggles as he browses his way through the shadow of his older sibling, showcasing his skills as an artist, songwriter, and star while demonstrating his resilience and enthusiasm in the face of adversity.

The documentary opens a world frequently hidden by the public-- the life of the lesser-known brother or sister of a super star. Frank Stallone, in spite of being in the shadows of his sibling, Sylvester, has built a successful career in music and movie. Though his journey includes obstacles, ups, and downs, a sense of resilience and decision emerges through all of it. From his childhood upbringing in Philadelphia to his initial steps in music and acting, the documentary leaves no stone unturned.

Notable Interviews and Narration
Narrated by Frank himself, the movie welcomes many high-profile stars to share their insights about Frank. Stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Mantegna, Geraldo Rivera, and Billy Zane emerge on the film offering testimonials about Frank. Furthermore, Sly, himself, takes a minute to spotlight his bro's influence on his own career, especially his role in making up songs for his movies, significantly the hit tune "Far From Over" from "Staying Alive".

Personal battle, Resilience, and Determination
Extremely prominently, the film highlights Frank's individual struggle with the title of 'Sylvester Stallone's brother' and his constant fight to set his identity apart. He talks about the problems that come with being the brother or sister of a superstar, from typecasting to being unjustly overlooked as a gifted artist in his own right. On the flip side, the film likewise strongly represents Frank's persistence, his rejection to ride on his brother's coattails, and his determination to prosper based on his own benefits. This undeniable enthusiasm for art, whether it be music or acting, stands out as a testimony to Frank's strength and devotion.

Frank's Creative Talents
"Stallone: Frank, That Is" uniquely gives the forefront, Frank's own profession highs. He is admired for his songwriting skills and musical skills throughout the film, exposing his Grammy and Golden Globe nominations and platinum single, declaring his imaginative abilities.

The movie covers with the affirmation of Frank's uniqueness, emphasizing again on his talents, especially in music. In spite of the inevitable contrasts and eclipsing, Frank Stallone becomes a steadfast, figured out artist who has actually handled to engrave his own mark in the show business. As Frank himself puts it, he's not just 'Rocky's bro'; he is Frank Stallone, an accomplished artist on his own benefit. The film stands as an encouraging tale for those who pursue their enthusiasm in spite of the odds, and it does so with a mix of fond memories, passion, and reality check.

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