Stretch (2014)

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A hard-luck limo driver struggling to go straight and pay off a debt to his bookie takes on a job with a crazed passenger whose sought-after ledger implicates some seriously dangerous criminals.

"Stretch" is an American action-comedy film released in 2014. The film stars Patrick Wilson, Ed Helms, Chris Pine, and Jessica Alba. The movie was composed and directed by Joe Carnahan and produced by Jason Blum and it was made by an independent production business Blumhouse.

The story focuses on a down-on-his-luck limo chauffeur called Stretch, played by Patrick Wilson, living in Los Angeles. Stretch is in excellent problem: he is broke, dumped by his sweetheart, and owes a considerable quantity of money to a bookmaker that he can't possibly settle. He has turned to betting in an effort to repay the financial obligation, however his circumstance worsens when his bookmaker offers him a warning - repay a $6,000 financial obligation by midnight, or die.

Stretch's life takes an uncommon turn when he picks up an eccentric billionaire Roger Karos, essayed by Chris Pine. Karos is a playboy who enjoys living on the edge and offers to clear Stretch's debt in return for a night of wild extravagance. The night consists of tasks like averting the police, dumping rival drivers, dealing with the shenanigans of a bewitching however unsafe female FBI representative and fulfilling the outrageous demands of Karos.

Patrick Wilson plays the desperate yet determined character of Stretch, who goes beyond limitations to clear his financial obligation. His efficiency is effective and his transformation as the night progresses adds an engaging touch to the storyline. Chris Pine brings a wild energy into his character as the eccentric billionaire, while Jessica Alba as Charlie, the limousine company operator and love interest for Stretch, offers captivating and constant support.

Footballer-turned-actor Ray Liotta, who plays himself, and Ed Helms, who plays the ghost of a previous coworker often haunting Stretch, bring more enjoyable and unpredictability to this rollicking trip.

Through several twists and turns and difficult jobs, the plot guides Stretch through the wild night. He not only clears his financial obligation however likewise discovers more about his inner strength and integrity. The storyline, while ridiculous at times, is filled with comical moments combined with an edge of suspense and danger.

Important Reception
"Stretch" was primarily launched online, and despite its star-studded cast, it got fairly little marketing or promo. It was received with mixed reactions. While some hailed it as an amusing and entertaining trip filled with action and suspense, others found the plot too disorderly and convoluted, mentioning an absence of depth in characterization and storytelling.

In spite of the criticisms, the performances of the lead cast, especially Patrick Wilson and Chris Pine, were generally well appreciated. Wilson's portrayal of the desperate yet resourceful Stretch was both amusing and heartfelt, and Pine successfully provided an element of insanity and whimsy to his character.

In general, 'Stretch' is a wild ride that mixes humor with action and suspense. It encapsulates the essence of a guy identified to do whatever it requires to conquer his circumstance, leading to a gripping and amusing movie.

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