Submarine (2011)

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15-year-old deep-thinking Welsh schoolboy Oliver Tate struggles to initiate and maintain a relationship with Jordana, his devilish, dark-haired classmate at their Swansea high school. As his parents' marriage begins to fall apart, similar problems arise in his relationship with Jordana.

Title: Submarine

Director: Richard Ayoade

Year: 2011

Plot Summary:
Chronicling the charming battles of teenage awkwardness, "Submarine" is a 2011 British coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by Richard Ayoade. Based on the 2008 book of the very same name by Joe Dunthorne, the appealing story highlights the intertwining relational developments and difficulties experienced by 15-year-old lead character Oliver Tate.

Main Characters:
Primarily focused around 2 primary characters, the narrative supplies an informative point of view through the lens of Oliver Tate (played by Craig Roberts), an eccentric teenager with an inflated image of himself. He succumbs to an uncommon and rather pyromaniac woman called Jordana Bevan (Yasmin Paige), who at first develops interest in Oliver on the property of making her ex-boyfriend envious.

The movie opens with Oliver's overthought dreams and perceived ideals, like losing his virginity before turning 16 and conserving Jordana from a life-threatening ailment. As romantic endeavours bloom for this eccentric couple, they experience their puppy love, filled with quirky experiences and childish antics like burning Jordana's leg hair and bullying a fellow schoolmate.

All at once, Oliver comes to grips with the looming suspicions of his mother's possible extramarital relations with her spiritual guide and ex-lover, Graham (Paddy Considine). Oliver's awkwardness and blatant directness enhanced by a high level of self-consciousness as he attempts to keep his household together and browse his relationship with Jordana.

Climax and Resolution:
A significant shift in the narrative happens when Jordana breaks up with Oliver after he stops working to provide psychological support when her mother falls ill. Oliver's newly uncovered vulnerabilities and ensuing anguish force him to face reality and gradually deviate from his romanticized worldview.

On the other hand, Oliver's mom Jill (Sally Hawkins) confesses to her feelings for Graham, causing a momentary separation from her other half, Lloyd (Noah Taylor). Yet, she eventually returns, exposing that Graham could never ever match the deep-rooted love she shares with Lloyd.


In the end, the film provides a sense of closure and a newly found understanding for both Oliver and his moms and dads. Regardless of all the teenage heartbreaks and household issues, Oliver grows through his experiences and finds out how to deal with the severe truths of love and relationships. The story concludes with indicators of possible reconciliation in between Oliver and Jordana, suggesting possible for Oliver's second possibility at love.

General Impact:
Individual efficiencies remarkably portray deeply human characters in "Submarine". The film beautifully encapsulates the intricacies of teenage years, love, understanding, and household intricacies through a perfect mix of humor, drama, and a raw, wholehearted representation of life. Richard Ayoade's direction and the memorable soundtrack by Alex Turner add special layers to the film's appeal and make it an attractive watch.

Top Cast

  • Craig Roberts (small)
    Craig Roberts
    Oliver Tate
  • Yasmin Paige (small)
    Yasmin Paige
    Jordana Bevan
  • Sally Hawkins (small)
    Sally Hawkins
    Jill Tate
  • Noah Taylor (small)
    Noah Taylor
    Lloyd Tate
  • Paddy Considine (small)
    Paddy Considine
    Graham Purvis
  • Steffan Rhodri (small)
    Steffan Rhodri
    Mr. Davey
  • Darren Evans (small)
    Darren Evans
  • Osian Cai Dulais
    Mark Pritchard
  • Lily McCann
    Zoe Preece
  • Otis Lloyd
  • Elinor Crawley (small)
    Elinor Crawley
    Abby Smuts