Swindle (2013)

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A boy named Griffin finds a valuable multi-million dollar baseball card. After accidentally selling the card for a million dollar loss, he enlists the help of his best friend Ben and his colleagues to regain the baseball card.

Intro to "Swindle"
The 2013 movie "Swindle" is a Nickelodeon original motion picture that integrates components of comedy and experience. Directed by Jonathan Judge and based upon the book of the very same name by Gordon Korman, the motion picture centers around a group of friends who unite to obtain an important baseball card that was deceitfully offered to a collector. The ensemble cast includes Noah Crawford, Chris O'Neal, Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Ciara Bravo, and Noah Munck, providing a familiar lineup for Nickelodeon's young audience.

Premise and Plot Overview
The story begins with friends, Griffin Bing (played by Noah Crawford) and Ben Dupree (Chris O'Neal), discovering an incredibly rare baseball card featuring Honus Wagner. Griffin, nicknamed "The Brain", remains in alarming need of money to develop his dream innovation, while Ben, referred to as "Pitcher's Mound", hopes to go to a summer baseball camp. They take the card to a collectible store, where the corrupt store owner, Paul Swindell (a.k.a Swindle, played by Fred Ewanuick), techniques them into offering the card for a simple $300, blatantly exploiting their unawareness of its real value worth millions.

Realizing they have been conned, Griffin and his friends unite to obtain the card. The group includes Amanda (Ariana Grande), an aspiring starlet; Savannah (Jennette McCurdy), a girl geared up with survival skills; Melissa (Ciara Bravo), the brainy and stylish woman of the group; and Darren (Noah Munck), the muscle with knockout power. Branded as "The Ferret", "Gymnast", "Edison", and "Muscle", respectively, each brings their distinct talents to the mission, forming a dynamic team prepared to perform an intricate break-in.

The Heist and Adventure
The pals learn that Swindle strategies to auction off the card at a collectors' gala, and they develop a plan to steal it back. The break-in is filled with innovative twists, technological gizmos, and disguises, showcasing each team member's ability to contribute something critical to the objective. They deal with many challenges and obstacles that evaluate their determination, relationship, and fast thinking.

As the adventure unfolds, the group must navigate security systems, dodge Swindle's henchmen, and break a highly secured safe, all while wearing smart disguises. Stress and funny are healthy, with each character facing their personal challenges and fears, which they need to conquer to contribute to the operation.

The Climax and Resolution
The climax of the film reaches a peak when the group lastly gets the card during the gala. However, their victory is short-term as Swindle catches them in the act. A last confrontation occurs, pushing the kids to outmaneuver Swindle and show his fraudulence. With quick thinking and teamwork, they handle to expose Swindle's sly nature to the gala participants, gaining the support of the audience and ensuring the rightful return of the card.

Themes and Conclusion
"Swindle" checks out styles such as teamwork, nerve, integrity, and standing up against misbehavior. It emphasizes the significance of friends and each individual's distinct skills when it concerns attaining a typical objective. The film concludes with the kids victorious, having not only retrieved the Honus Wagner card but also learned valuable lessons in loyalty and resourcefulness.

The film, focused on a more youthful audience, finishes up on a positive note with justice dominating, friendships reinforced, and dreams made attainable. "Swindle" is a feel-good Nickelodeon experience that blends humor, suspense, and the significance of cooperation, offering an enjoyable and interesting viewing experience for both kids and families.

Top Cast

  • Jennette McCurdy (small)
    Jennette McCurdy
    Savannah Westcott
  • Noah Crawford (small)
    Noah Crawford
    Griffin Bing
  • Noah Munck (small)
    Noah Munck
    Darren Vader
  • Ariana Grande (small)
    Ariana Grande
    Amanda Benson
  • Ciara Bravo (small)
    Ciara Bravo
    Melissa Bing
  • Christopher O'Neal (small)
    Christopher O'Neal
    Ben Dupree
  • Fred Ewanuick (small)
    Fred Ewanuick
    Paul Swindell
  • Sandy Robson
    Anton Leferve