Taken Too Far (2017)

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A jealous dance mom takes extreme measures to ensure her daughter wins a scholarship to an exclusive dance academy. But the victim's mother will do whatever necessary to protect her own daughter from the rival mom's evil scheme.

Introductory Overview
"Taken Too Far" is a dance-themed thriller movie directed by Paul Lynch, released in 2017. The film includes Beverley Mitchell and Christina Cox as protagonists who share an extreme rivalry. The plot mostly focuses on a dance competition, mother-daughter relationships and the levels to which people can go due to fixation and rivalry.

Characters and Plot
Beverley Mitchell plays Jeanette Grayson, a dedicated and loving mother who aims for her daughter to win the upcoming Grand National Dance competition. Christina Cox plays Beth Hoyson, another zealous mother whose child is likewise taking part in the competition, and is Jeanette's main competitor.

The stress in between the 2 mothers escalates when Jeanette employs a previous dance champ, Irene (played by Jackeline Scislowski), to coach her child. Disturbed by Jeanette's manoeuvre, Beth ends up being threatened and more figured out to stop Jeanette's daughter from winning.

One day throughout practice sessions, Jeanette unintentionally is up to her death. The primary plot starts with the strange situations surrounding Jeanette's death, which appears to be a mishap but is soon suspected as a murder. The original competition takes a dark turn as secrets unfold, and the prime suspect is none aside from Beth.

The Twist and Climax
The movie turns into a suspense thriller when Beth accuses Irene of triggering Jeanette's death, creating a whodunit circumstance. Beth's daughter starts to question her mother's peace of mind and innocence when she witnesses her mom's extreme fascination with winning.

The climax builds upon the suspicions in between Beth and Irene, with everyone's loyalty and trust being evaluated. Jeanette's daughter, mourning her mother's death, declines to give up and continues to contend in the dance competition.

Resolution & Conclusion
In the end, the fact about Jeanette Grayson's death is revealed, and Beth is cleared of all suspicions. The children of both Jeanette and Beth decide to stop the unhealthy competitors which brought so much destruction in their lives and rather decide to dance together for the sheer joy of it.

"Taken Too Far" ends with a remarkable but a motivating resolution - In their final efficiency, both children dance perfectly together, deserting the toxic competition that their moms had actually created in between them. They deal with to keep their passion for dance pure without letting rivalry corrupt it.

Crucial Analysis
"Taken Too Far" is a thriller that successfully highlights the harmful levels of competition, obsession, and competitors. It effectively showcases the effect of adult discord on the lives of their children. The narrative relies greatly on suspense which is woven expertly into the story, keeping viewers absorbed till the end.

Directed by Paul Lynch, "Taken Too Far" effectively accentuates the mother-daughter relationship and the pressure of social expectations that can sustain a harmful competitive spirit. The cast, specifically Beverley Mitchell and Christina Cox, deliver commendable efficiencies, elevating the strength of the plot. In spite of being a thriller, the film also stresses the essence of dance as a type of delight, expression, and liberation simply as much as a subject of competitors.

In conclusion, "Taken Too Far" integrates the excitement of dance and the thriller of a thriller, delivering an engaging drama, filled with unexpected twists and turns. It is a gripping story about competition, enthusiasm, family, and the darker side of competitive arts.

Top Cast

  • Beverley Mitchell (small)
    Beverley Mitchell
    Beth Hoyson
  • Christina Cox (small)
    Christina Cox
    Jeanette Grayson
  • Jenna Warren (small)
    Jenna Warren
    Melanie Hoyson
  • Hailey Kittle (small)
    Hailey Kittle
    Sara Grayson
  • Doug Murray (small)
    Doug Murray
    Dean Grayson
  • Dalton Derek (small)
    Dalton Derek
    Stevie Hernandez
  • Jack Fulton (small)
    Jack Fulton
    Jason Grayson
  • Miranda Edwards (small)
    Miranda Edwards
  • Olunik√© Adeliyi (small)
    Oluniké Adeliyi
    Officer Daniels
  • Kathryn Greenwood (small)
    Kathryn Greenwood
  • Dru Viergever (small)
    Dru Viergever
    Detective Schwader