Ted 2 (2015)

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Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he's a person in a court of law.

Film Overview
"Ted 2" is a 2015 American comedy movie directed by Seth MacFarlane, who co-wrote the screenplay with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. It's a follow up to MacFarlane's effective 2012 film, "Ted". The film follows the life of an anthropomorphic teddy bear Ted (voiced by MacFarlane) and his friend, John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg).

Plot Summary
The film begins with Ted marrying his sweetheart, Tammy-Lynn. On The Other Hand, John Bennett is having problem with a divorce from Lori, his partner from the first movie. However, happiness in Ted's marital relationship does not last long. A year into marital bliss, the couple's relationship begins to break down, prompting them to look for a child as a service, either through adoption or artificial insemination.

When Ted and Tammy-Lynn find that Ted can't lawfully have a kid because the government considers him property and not a person, he enlists John's aid to combat the system. Ted's legal issues likewise affect his task and marriage because, as property, he loses his job, and his marriage to Tammy-Lynn is annulled.

Legal Battle
The duo hire a young, socially awkward legal representative called Samantha Leslie Jackson (Amanda Seyfried) to assist them argue that Ted has human rights. Through their journey, the 3 bond and spend plenty of time together. Throughout this time, John handles sensations of isolation due to his divorce and all of a sudden grows close to Samantha.

The very first trial does not go in his favor, however, and a heartbroken Ted chooses to give up combating. Nevertheless, Samantha does not let them stop and creates a strategy to appeal the case with civil liberties legal representative Patrick Meighan, played by Morgan Freeman.

Climax and Conclusion
The climax of the film happens when they find that the business Hasbro, which manufactured Ted, wish to catch him to investigate his unique nature and duplicate it for commercial purposes. A farcical chase ensues, leading to Ted and John escaping capture and winding up in New York's Comic-Con.

In the end, with Meighan's help in court, Ted is declared a person and legally wins his rights. The movie concludes with Ted and Tammy-Lynn adopting a child, while John and Samantha start dating. Among the final scenes reveals them participating in the wedding event of Ted and Tammy-Lynn, thus giving the film a delighted conclusion.

General Reception
"Ted 2", like its predecessor, is a comedy filled with raunchy humor set against a background of social commentary, specifically worrying civil rights. While it's not as seriously acclaimed as the first installation, it was an industrial success and still entertained a big audience with its distinct humor and the heartwarming story of friendship.

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