That's Dancing! (1985)

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A documentary film about dancing on the screen, from it's orgins after the invention of the movie camera, over the movie musical from the late 20s, 30s, 40s 50s and 60s up to the break dance and the music videos from the 80s.

"That's Dancing!" launched in 1985, is a documentary-style movie that celebrates, explores, and honors the history and variety of dance in cinema. This renowned collection film is produced by the legendary Hollywood stalwart and dancer Gene Kelly, in addition to Jack Haley Jr., catching the advancement and transformation of dance in movies over the years, encompassing numerous genres and styles. With its smooth amalgamation of film clips, the film presents the audience with a scenic reflection on the function of dance in the realm of movie theater.

Following Dance History Through the Film
The motion picture centers around supplying differential segments of dance efficiencies from over near a hundred films, thereby producing a historic narrative of dance in cinema. It tracks the history of dance from the early days of cinematography, providing scenes from silent motion pictures and taking the audience through the golden age of Hollywood musicals. The presence of undying classics like "Singing In The Rain" and "West Side Story" presents the audience to some unforgettable dance series.

Narration Style
"That's Dancing!" utilizes the narrative by legendary actors and dancers such as Gene Kelly, Liza Minnelli, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Ray Bolger, and Sammy Davis Jr., who enrichedly articulate the changing trends of dance in motion pictures. The narration design offers this compendium an unique and appealing ambiance. The viewer not just sees the dance on screen however likewise gets an insight into the behind-the-scenes atmosphere, the inspiration, and the difficulties that accompanied the development of this art type.

Saluting the Stars of Dance Cinema
That's Dancing!" pays homage to the indisputable dance legends of movie theater like Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, and others. It features their spiritually boosting performances, thus motivating a renewed gratitude for their artistry. The film also acknowledges numerous unrecognized heroes of dance cinema, therefore widening the viewer's viewpoint about the measurements of this art type.

Modern Dance Sequences and Conclusion
The film culminates with the addition of modern dance sequences from movies like "Flashdance" and "Fame", elaborating on modern patterns that give rise to a new era of dance in films. The film does not end without commemorating the enormous contribution of choreographers and dance directors who played a critical function in bringing alive the magic of dance on celluloid.

Last Thoughts
In a nutshell, "That's Dancing!" is an intensively investigated and skilfully curated anthology of dance worldwide of cinema. It is a dynamic assortment of dance scenes looped with prologue and commentary from some of the most recognized faces in dance history. Apart from the breathtaking video footages from popular movies, the addition of uncommon and hidden gems gives this film an unequaled edge. This film is an ode to the power of dance and its inextricable relate to the magic of movie theater. No matter whether one is a dance aficionado or a casual viewer, "That's Dancing!" is bound to leave everyone captivated with its captivating showcase of rhythmic movements and the enthusiasm that ignites them.

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