That's Entertainment, Part II (1976)

That's Entertainment, Part II Poster

Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire present more golden moments from the MGM film library, this time including comedy and drama as well as classic musical numbers.

Film Overview
"That's Entertainment, Part II" is a movie sequel to the popular 1974 MGM collection film "That's Entertainment!" Directed by performer Gene Kelly and produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff, the movie works as an anthology of unforgettable scenes from timeless Hollywood musicals. This 1976 movie is an iconic documentary that celebrates Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's legacy and impact on the golden era of Hollywood.

Cast and Structure
Veteran Hollywood stars Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, both substantial figures in the world of classic musicals, work as hosts. Their charming hosting provided both recollections of the past and fresh efficiencies. The movie features excerpts from timeless films consisting of scenes with well-known performers such as Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, and the Marx Brothers. The movie's structure follows a clip-show format, sprinkling the timeless footage with introductions and commentaries by Kelly and Astaire.

Story and Themes
"That's Entertainment, Part II" is not a movie with a traditional story; instead, it offers a retrospective look at film history from the 1920s-1950s. The film is categorized into different areas according to thematic elements or musical styles. The thematic elements focus on categories such as love, funnies, musicals, and remarkable narratives from the golden era of Hollywood. It offers a journey into the MGM musical ages, showing glamour, style, culture, and development of that time.

Significance and Reception
The motion picture serves the purpose of showcasing the magnificence of Hollywood's golden era, specifically concentrating on its musical impact. Through this movie, the audience gets a kaleidoscopic view of the MGM classics that made an impressive contribution to the world of films and home entertainment. It allows viewers to relive the magic of viewing renowned entertainers, captivating performances, and remarkable tune and dance regimens. The film was favored, marking yet another contribution to a growing trend of nostalgia-driven entertainment.

"That's Entertainment, Part II" stands as a sentimental and commemorative homage to MGM's contribution to the world of home entertainment and filmography, particularly in musicals. Peppered with intros and commentaries from the famous Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, it revisits traditional scenes that permit the audience to relive the Golden age of Hollywood. Beyond its capability to amuse, it likewise highlights a film-world that molded and heavily influenced the legacy of cinema, music, dance, and culture itself. It's a must-see for any fan of traditional cinema and musicals.

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