The Affair (1973)

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A crippled lady songwriter meets an older lawyer who becomes her first love.

Film Summary
"The Affair" is a romantic drama tv movie that aired on ABC on November 7, 1973. Directed by Gilbert Cates and written by Barbara Turner, the film focuses on the inner psychological journey of a physically disheartened pianist named Courtney Patterson, played by Natalie Wood, and her extramarital relationship with the married attorney Marcus Simon, played by Robert Wagner.

Plot Summary
Courtney Patterson is a wheelchair-bound woman, experiencing a sickness that paralyzes her lower body. In spite of her physical restrictions, she possesses a passion for music and earns her living as an author and a singer. Struggling to find significance in her life and love, avoided by society due to her disability, she finds solace in her music. On the other side, Marcus Simon, a successful and married lawyer, is searching for more excitement and fulfillment in his life.

The soundtrack of the motion picture is distinctively interesting as it includes tunes carried out by Courtney Patterson herself. Her tunes encapsulate her feelings, ideas and work as background scoring to the movie too.

Their paths cross when Marcus' law firm needs a jingle; where Courtney is picked for the task. Challenged by his infatuation for her and her enthusiasm for music, Marcus falls in love with Courtney. The narrative continues with a well-orchestrated affair, showing the innocence, yet strength of their relationship.

Secret Themes
The motion picture's primary theme focuses on the concept of love beyond physical and psychological barriers. The Affair paints an image of the battles faced by individuals with disabilities, cultivating an understanding that physical restrictions can not restraint psychological and intellectual capabilities. It likewise throws light on extramarital affairs, meaning the complexities of married life and the quest for fulfillment beyond societal norms.

Performances and Reception
Natalie Wood's depiction of Courtney is good. Her sincere representation of a physically challenged female wrestling with her emotional space balances the character's vulnerability with strength. Robert Wagner, on the other hand, convincingly plays the function of Marcus, battling with his emotions and ethical issues. The real-life couple Wagner and Wood's chemistry was palpable and favored.

With Courtney's demise in the climax, Marcus is left with an overwhelming sense of guilt, regret, and remaining love. This heartbreaking end adds depth to the story, highlighting the temporary yet considerable effect of the affair on their lives. The movie ends on a poignant note, leaving the audience understanding towards the characters and introspective about the styles it explored.

"The Affair" is a special romantic drama that wonderfully represents an adulterous relationship, layered with styles of impairment, regret, and an overarching love story.

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