The American Standards (2008)

At a crossroads in his life, Doc Jennings goes home to celebrate his mother's birthday and uncovers dramatic family secrets. Lies, affairs and afflictions bubble to the surface of his seemingly perfect family. Can they come back together or is it too late?

Film Introduction
"The American Standards", launched in 2008, is a poignant drama that aims to check out the heart-wrenching realities of life and the supreme testament of human durability. Directed by Joe Wehinger and starring James Brolin, Joanna Cassidy, and Corin Nemec, this film focuses on a happy and apparently perfect family and their experience fighting a disease which dramatically changes the course of their lives.

James Brolin plays the role of John Standard, a diligent male who knows absolutely nothing but supplying the very best for his caring family. His life takes a painful turn when he is detected with a fatal disease, and his spouse, Julie (Joanna Cassidy), is left with the burden of preserving the joy of the family. Amidst the turmoil, their kid, Stanford (Corin Nemec), gets involved in drug abuse triggering quiet havoc in their currently stressed out life.

Julie brings the weight of her stopping working partner, rebellious child, and her job-- making every effort to keep whatever afloat. The movie is paced rather significantly portraying circumstances of Julie's battles and her durability. It also looks into Stanford's journey wrestling with substance abuse and his effort to repair his methods for the love of his household.

"The American Standards" is a testament to the daily battles an average American household faces and their nerve and strength to conquer hardships. The movie checks out a number of parallel styles like family ties, sorrow, the battle of handling a sick family member, and synchronised personal fights, ultimately covering with the concept of survival and hope.

James Brolin's portrayal of John Standard is a moving depiction of a guy grappling with his failing health while still trying to boost his family. Joanna Cassidy, as Julie, is the true heroine of the story. Her performance is resolute, showing the guts of a woman in distress yet determined to combat back. As Stanford, Corin Nemec shines with his emotive representation of an addict attempting redemption to improve the alarming state of his household.

Production & Release
"The American Standards" was produced by Regent Studios and was released in the United States in 2008. Besides featuring a star-studded cast, every other component of the film, such as its production design, cinematography, and soundtrack, all add to the effective psychological impact it leaves on audiences.

Critical Reception
The film got blended reactions from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its engaging performances and sensible depiction of a typical American family's trials and adversities. Others found it heavy-handed and melodramatic. The actors got some appreciation for their committed performances, especially Joanna Cassidy for her striking portrayal of a strong-willed woman.

"The American Standards" is a psychological rollercoaster of hope, anguish, and survival. It opens a window into the life of an ordinary American family handling remarkable situations. Regardless of its heavy thematic components, the movie offers an effective message of durability and triumph of human spirit versus all odds.

Keep in mind: The film contains some fully grown themes and drug abuse, which some viewers might find challenging. Viewer discretion is encouraged.

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