The Babymakers (2012)

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After he flunks a fertility test, a man realizes that the only way he can get his wife pregnant is by robbing a sperm bank to take back the last of the deposits he made there years earlier.

"The Babymakers" is a comical movie launched in 2012, directed by Jay Chandrasekhar and including Paul Schneider, Olivia Munn, and Kevin Heffernan. The movie informs the story of a typical couple attempting to develop a child and the lengths they are willing to go to fulfil their imagine parenthood.

Plot Summary
The film focuses around Tommy Macklin (played by Paul Schneider) and his spouse Audrey (played by Olivia Munn). After numerous not successful attempts at developing naturally, the couple decides to look for medical assistance. As it turns out, Tommy's sperm is found to be "lazy", a medical diagnosis he contradicts. He hangs on to the belief that he has actually fathered a kid before, and is baffled that he can't do it once again. This forms the basis of Tommy's obstinacy and the plot of the motion picture.

In an unexpected twist, Tommy's best friend Wade (Kevin Heffernan) reveals that Tommy had actually when donated sperm to a fertility clinic to help him finance an engagement ring for Audrey and that his teardrop-shaped sperm is still viable. Latching onto this valuable information, Tommy develops a careless plan to recover his last sperm contribution. The latter half of the film portrays a sperm-bank break-in, led by Tommy and his silly friends, producing many comic scenarios. However, the heist is more challenging and problematic than they had prepared for.

Cast performances
The casting of Paul Schneider as a desperate partner, ready to risk all of it for his partner and potential kid's future, immerses the audience into the story. Olivia Munn portrays the role of Audrey, his caring and understanding spouse, with grace. The genuine comic relief in the movie is provided by Kevin Heffernan, who provides hysterical lines and creates comic visual gags that tend to stick to the viewer.

Important Reception
Despite funny being its primary goal, "The Babymakers" was generally not favorably gotten. Critics expressed views that the skilled cast was lost in what they described as an underwhelming script, and the attempts at comic effect primarily fell flat. The evaluations highlight that the film does not rather strike the right balance-- it's too unrefined for it to be a wholehearted funny, yet it's not wild sufficient to be a laugh-out-loud farce. This lack of consistency led to the film not holding up as well as it could have, regardless of its underlying storyline having potential.

Overall, "The Babymakers" is a movie with a special property and a decent cast but falls rather flat in its execution. While it has its minutes of mirth, it relies greatly on lowbrow humor and slapstick funny, which might not deal with everybody's taste. The film eventually showcases the lengths an average couple want to go to conceive, reflecting upon the huge pressure and high stakes involved when it concerns the aspect of parenthood. The Babymakers is a special portrait of the trials, adversities, and often absurd lengths individuals may go to in their quest to become moms and dads.

Top Cast

  • Paul Schneider (small)
    Paul Schneider
    Tommy Macklin
  • Olivia Munn (small)
    Olivia Munn
    Audrey Macklin
  • Kevin Heffernan (small)
    Kevin Heffernan
  • Wood Harris (small)
    Wood Harris
  • Nat Faxon (small)
    Nat Faxon
  • Jay Chandrasekhar (small)
    Jay Chandrasekhar
    Ron Jon
  • Aisha Tyler (small)
    Aisha Tyler
  • Collette Wolfe (small)
    Collette Wolfe
  • Hayes MacArthur (small)
    Hayes MacArthur
    Leslie Jenkins
  • Lindsey Kraft (small)
    Lindsey Kraft
  • Helena Mattsson (small)
    Helena Mattsson