The Bait (1973)

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Tracy Fleming is a widowed police officer, with a young son, who has risen to the role of plainclothes operative. After six women have been raped and killed, Fleming agrees to go undercover in an effort to make herself a target for the killer. The climax places her in a life-and-death struggle with the killer.

"The Bait" is a 1973 American TV motion picture directed by Leonard Horn, including Donna Mills, Michael Constantine, and William Devane. The film falls within the crime/thriller category and revolves around the character Tracy Fleming, depicted by Donna Mills, who ends up being target of a police operation to capture a serial rapist and killer. The movie unfolds with a mix of thriller and crime drama aspects, with a story that reflects the gender predispositions and difficulties of the 1970s.

Plot Overview
In "The Bait", Tracy Fleming is a young and resistant shop assistant who becomes the critical figure in a cops operation led by Sergeant Leonard Leja (Michael Constantine). Leja is trying to find a vicious serial rapist and killer who has been terrifying females throughout the city. Tracy herself is a survivor of a harsh attack however is determined to assist the cops capture the criminal, in spite of the trauma she suffered from her encounter.

To collar the suspect, the police develop a dangerous plan that includes using Tracy as bait. They hope that the killer will target her again, permitting the authorities to record him in the act. Tracy is entrusted with engaging in her typical regimen while being under consistent surveillance by the authorities, in particularly by Detective Eddie Stutz (William Devane). The tension rises as Tracy faces her own worries and the unpredictability of when the killer might strike.

Character Development and Themes
Tracy's character is central to the movie, showcasing a nuanced portrayal of a lady who is not just a victim but also an active participant in the quest for justice. Through her interactions with the authorities-- and especially Detective Stutz-- Tracy browses a male-dominated world with guts and decision. The film checks out styles of victimization, empowerment, and the psychological toll of being both a survivor and an important figure in an unsafe sting operation.

The movie showcases the strained dynamics in between the police force and Tracy, often diverting into the territory of the police exploiting her vulnerability for their pursuit of the killer. In addition, Tracy's complex relationship with Detective Stutz, who is both her protector and user, includes a layer of psychological depth to the narrative, intensifying the stress as the story reaches its climax.

Thriller and Resolution
"The Bait" prospers on its suspenseful accumulation, as the audience is continued the edge of their seat waiting for the killer's next move. The stress is exacerbated by Tracy's brave yet vulnerable position, and the understanding that any error might result in serious effects. This suspense is punctuated by periodic close calls and red herrings that keep both Tracy and the audience guessing.

The movie reaches its climax when Tracy's function as the bait lastly results in the confrontation that the police have been managing. In a remarkable and thrilling sequence, the killer's true identity is exposed and the law enforcement effort to catch him concerns fruition. Tracy's strength and durability are highlighted in this last face-off, as her participation proves to be crucial in stopping the predator from claiming more victims.

Tradition and Reception
While not extensively remembered as a classic of the crime/thriller category, "The Bait" stands out for its representation of a female's active role in bringing a criminal to justice at a time when such narratives were less common. It was initially broadcast as an ABC Movie of the Week and received moderate attention for its interesting plot and for Donna Mills' engaging performance.

In retrospect, the film can be viewed as both a product of its time and a story with classic components of thriller, bravery, and the pursuit of justice. "The Bait" stays an example of tv's capability to resolve social concerns while supplying amusing and thought-provoking drama.

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