The Best of Disney: 50 Years of Magic (1991)

Celebrities salute Disney Studios' 50th year in Burbank, California.

"The Best of Disney: 50 Years of Magic" is a television documentary unique that aired on the ABC network in 1991. The program, directed by Don Mischer, provides a retrospective view of Walt Disney Studios' very first fifty years of production and its effect on the entertainment industry. The program is hosted by well-known talk-show host, Harry Connick Jr., and features numerous noteworthy stars sharing their experiences and memories associated with Disney.

Main Content
The 90-minute program is divided into various sectors, each highlighting different aspects of Disney's magic for many years. It starts with a summary of Disney's early years, touching on the creation of legendary characters such as Mickey Mouse and the impressive Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It also explores the establishment of Disneyland, an amusement park which was initially critiqued, but now stands as a testimony to Walt Disney's vision.

The documentary then moves on to the 'Disney Renaissance', the period varying from the mid-1980s to the 1990s, when Disney's animation department produced a series of critically well-known movies such as "The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin" and "The Lion King", restoring the company's stature in making innovative animation films.

Special Segments and Celebrity Appearances
The program contains unique behind-the-scene videos from the production stages of the then yet-to-be-released "Beauty and the Beast". The audiences get to view the tale beginning to take kind from its early scribbles and partnerships of its creators.

Throughout the special, numerous celebs emerge to share their Disney memories. Stars like Dick Van Dyke, Bette Midler, Robin Williams, Angela Lansbury, Michael Eisner (then CEO of Disney), and more reveal their experiences and the influence of the Disney empire on their lives and careers. These segments also expose how Disney's films and TV programs have touched and shaped generations of viewers around the world.

Disney Theme Parks and Resorts
Another section of "The Best of Disney: 50 Years of Magic" shines the light on the Disney Resorts and Theme Parks. It showcases different destinations, consisting of Disneyland and Disney World, together with their various amusement park, including EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios. The program ignited the audience's interest by sharing approaching tourist attractions, which included the prepare for Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disneyland Paris at that time.

"The Best of Disney: 50 Years of Magic" uses an unique look at Disney's revolutionary first 5 years. It's an extraordinary event and celebration of the creativity, imagination, and determination that has made Disney a long-lasting part of the international home entertainment landscape. The discussion concludes on the note that Disney's magic has been - and will continue to be - a source of happiness, inspiration, and fascination for people of every age across the world.

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