The Big Year (2011)

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Three fanatical bird-watchers spend an entire year competing to spot the highest number of species as El Nino sends an extraordinary variety of rare breeds flying up into the U.S., but they quickly discover that there are more important things than coming out on top of the competition.

"The Big Year", directed by David Frankel and released in 2011, is a comedy-drama set around the competitive world of bird identifying. Loosely based upon Mark Obmascik's non-fiction book, "The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession", the movie follows three males who strive to win a bird-spotting competitors within one calendar year.

The film introduces 3 principal characters; Brad Harris (played by Jack Black), a divorced, underachiever with an enthusiasm for bird-spotting; Stu Preissler (played by Steve Martin), an effective CEO who would rather go birding than continue running his business; and Kenny Bostick (played by Owen Wilson), the ruling champ of bird-spotting who desires beat his record. All 3 compete in a year-long bird-spotting competition called "The Big Year".

Brad, working at an ordinary task dreaming of doing "The Big Year", gains sympathy from his mother who supports his enthusiasm, unlike his dad. Stu, regardless of his effective profession, selects passion over responsibility and goes for "The Big Year", leaving his expert responsibilities behind, whereas Kenny remains in the race to prove he is still the reigning champion. The trio crosses their paths over numerous times, bringing their egos, worries, and problems to the surface area.

Character Development and Story Progression
Brad resides in his dad's shadow, working in a task he hates however discovers a buddy in Stu and even gets a love interest, Ellie (played by Rashida Jones). While they bond over their shared passion, Ellie contributes considerably to Brad's bird-spotting journey. Brad, throughout the film, highlights individual growth, ultimately gaining his dad's regard and understanding.

On the other hand, Stu struggles to stabilize his passion and duties, particularly towards his dedications in the corporate world. Regardless of the fears of losing his success, he follows his dream of doing "The Big Year" and forms an unlikely relationship with Brad.

Kenny is portrayed as an obsessive and competitive character, unrelenting in keeping his champ title. However, this comes at the cost of his relationship with his partner, netting him a divorce.

The movie comes to a climax at Attu Island in Alaska, where the trio has their last opportunity to discover rare birds before the competitors ends. Brad and Stu collaborate versus Kenny, destroying his possibility to protect his record. In the end, Brad wins the competitors with a count of 755 birds. Stu returns to his company with a refreshed state of mind, while Kenny, although losing the competition, appears to have actually discovered some peace.

In conclusion, "The Big Year" is a light-hearted and informative film, exploring the styles of enthusiasm, competitors, ambition, and personal growth. The film showcases trials and adversities of the protagonists while they chase their enthusiasm for bird-spotting, eventually illustrating the value of pursuing what one likes, even in the face of misfortune.

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