The Boy Who Could Fly (1986)

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Milly and Louis, and their recently-widowed mom, Charlene, move to a new neighborhood. Once there, they all deal with a variety of personal problems, but Milly finds a friend in Eric, her autistic next door neighbor. Eric has a fascination with flight, and as the story progresses, he exerts an enthralling force of change on all those around him.

Movie Summary
"The Boy Who Could Fly" is a 1986 American fantasy-comedy drama movie, directed by Nick Castle. The centrepiece of the story is a remarkable yet nuanced relationship that blooms between 2 teenagers, Milly Michaelson and Eric Gibb, who are both facing their distinct difficulties.

Plot Summary
After her daddy's death, 14-year-old Milly (Lucy Deakins) and her more youthful sibling Louis (Fred Savage) relocate to a new neighborhood with their mother Charlene (Bonnie Bedelia). Milly ends up being captivated by her the next-door neighbor, a peaceful and recluse teenage kid called Eric (Jay Underwood). Eric, who is autistic, lost his moms and dads in an aircraft crash and has actually been coping with his alcoholic Uncle Hugo (Fred Gwynne) ever since.

Seemly handling injury, Eric's habits is uncommon; he invests most of his time sitting by his bed room window with his arms outstretched, making flying movements, seemingly oblivious to the world around him. His only reaction to any kind of interaction is a gentle nod, leaving him misconstrued by the majority of people apart from Milly, who establishes a special bond and synchrony with him.

The Story Progression
Milly becomes Eric's link to a regular life as she assists him navigate high school. Although initially consulted with ridicule, Eric slowly becomes part of the neighborhood, and his peculiarities are affectionately accepted. Milly's strength and kindness take down the metaphorical walls that Eric had built, allowing him to express his emotions gradually. Throughout their journey, Milly begins to believe that Eric can fly, translating his regular stance as an expression of his desire.

The climax of the motion picture reveals the secret surrounding Eric's abilities. Confronting his intoxicated uncle, Eric considerably jumps out of his bed room window and, instead of falling, begins to fly around, confirming Milly's belief. Eric's flight symbolizes his freedom from his trauma and represents the strength of his relationship with Milly, who stood by him through his battles and helped him reveal his distinct capabilities.

Soon after, Eric is eliminated for scientific studies, leaving Milly heartbroken. Nevertheless, Eric goes back to her, signaling that his newfound capabilities might not sever the strong bond they had developed. The film ends on a hopeful note, showing that love, patience, and understanding can assist get rid of the greatest hardships.

"The Boy Who Could Fly" mostly checks out themes of friendship, approval, and empathy. The motion picture sends out a profound message about the strength of human connections, as illustrated through Milly and Eric's relationship. It also sheds light on broader societal concerns such as how society often misconstrues and separates neurodiverse people, further magnifying their struggles.

Last Note
"The Boy Who Could Fly" is a heartwarming movie, smartly mixing dream elements with real-world issues. Eric's character represents those who are frequently ostracized due to their distinctions, while Milly's enduring generosity, empathy, and belief in Eric's capability to fly, symbolize the power of approval. With its multi-layered narrative, this movie considers profound styles and engages viewers with its relatable and compassionate characters.

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  • Jay Underwood (small)
    Jay Underwood
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    Fred Savage
  • Bonnie Bedelia (small)
    Bonnie Bedelia
  • Colleen Dewhurst (small)
    Colleen Dewhurst
    Mrs. Sherman
  • Fred Gwynne (small)
    Fred Gwynne
    Uncle Hugo
  • Lucy Deakins (small)
    Lucy Deakins
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    Jason Priestley
  • Nick Castle (small)
    Nick Castle
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