The Bull of the West (1972)

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Two episodes of the TV series "The Virginian" edited together: "Duel at Shiloh" (2 Jan. 1963) and "Nobility of Kings" (10 Nov. 1965).

Movie Overview
"The Bull of the West" is a 1972 Western television movie directed by Jerry Hopper and Paul Stanley, starring Charles Bronson, Lee J. Cobb, and Clu Gulager. The movie is an adjusted compilation of 2 episodes "The Way of the West" and "Mrs. Harmon" from the original series, "The Virginian".

Plot Summary
"Bull of the West" focuses on the characters John Bernard (Bernie) and Ben Justin who are associated with a scandal in the Old West. Bernie played by Charles Bronson, is an expert shooter understood for his fast reflexes and intimidation methods.

The story starts with Bernard moving into an unfamiliar town, wanting to settle after a life of high-risk fights. He quickly gets into a fight with Ben Justin, a local livestock rancher played by Lee J. Cobb. Justin is a rich, prominent guy who has a monopoly on the local livestock trade and uses his power to make the most of the little ranchers in the area.

Dispute and Resolution
The dueling tension in between Bernard and Justin, the titular "Bull of the West", forms the main part of the plot. Justin ends up being a bane to Bernard due to a disagreement over the land and livestock. Bernard attempts to protect smaller sized ranchers who are bullied by Justin's monopolistic practices of the cattle trade, however he himself is viciously targeted by Justin and his gang.

Justin tries to eliminate Bernard and solidify his authority on the ranching service. Meanwhile, Bernard needs to utilize his innovative weapon skills to protect himself and the oppressed ranchers. The conflict in between them escalates, leading to a significant showdown.

The climax reveals Bernard dealing with Justin in a weapon fight. Bernard overpowers Justin, winning the fight for justice. He eventually takes control of the regional cattle trade and brings a sense of fair company to the town.

Extra Characters and Subplots
The film likewise interweaves moments of romance in between Bernard and a regional lady named Nora. Moreover, numerous noteworthy characters like Mrs. Harmon and Virginian, each with their distinct narrative complexities, include depth to the story and complement Bernard's tale. Their stories keep audiences interested and preserve the thriller till the end.

Crucial Reception
Critics valued "The Bull of the West" for its engaging plot, expert character representations and the normal western charm recreated during the '70s. Charles Bronson's stone-faced portrayal of a professional gunman was much appreciated, and the movie managed to carve a location for itself in the genre of Western experience dramas.

In summary, "The Bull of the West" is an engaging Western drama embeded in the Old West. It combines intriguing subplots, tense conflicts, and a climactic shootout to provide audiences an intense film experience. Charles Bronson's performance as a strong, just protagonist fighting versus an oppressive monopoly makes sure the film's long lasting appeal.

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