The Canadian Conspiracy (1985)

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A mockumentary illustrating a supposed conspiracy to infiltrate American culture through employing Canadians in the U.S. entertainment industry.

"The Canadian Conspiracy" is a mockumentary tv movie that was released in 1985. The movie humorously uses conspiracy theories about Canada's supposed clandestine objective to infiltrate and control the United States through popular culture and media.

The film was produced by Lorne Michaels, who is renowned for producing and producing "Saturday Night Live". The movie script was written by Robert Boyd and Louis M. Heyward, with Robert Boyd likewise taking on directorial responsibilities. The film features several widely known Canadian stars and media personalities, such as Leslie Nielsen, Lorne Greene, Alan Thicke, and Martin Short.

The Plot
The satirical plot of "The Canadian Conspiracy" focuses on an imaginary concealed operation, the "C.A.N.A.D.A. (Committee to Annex the Nation America Dumbly Allows)". The plot purports that Canada has actually been subtly organizing American media and pop culture for years, through a high-profile Canadian figures in the American entertainment industry.

The story is established through a series of comic mock interviews, newsreels, and footage that intend to 'reveal' the Canadian infiltration. The film has fun with this main conspiracy theory, sprinkling truths with outrageous and unreasonable 'discoveries.'.

Leslie Nielsen leads the 'Canadian seepage' as his "Police Squad!" character, Frank Drebin. The movie checks out Nielsen's allegedly ominous inspirations behind his seeming meteoric rise in American funny throughout the 80s. Other significant performances include Lorne Greene, who played Ben Cartwright on the American tv Western drama "Bonanza", and Martin Short, comedian and "Saturday Night Life" legend, who both offer humor and pseudo-seriousness to the story.

The reception of "The Canadian Conspiracy" was blended. Some audiences enjoyed the light-hearted satirical thrust and clever take on conspiracy theories, while others discovered the humor too subtle. However, the movie's special principle and the noteworthy Canadian characters involved has offered it something of a cult status among traditional movie fanatics.

In summary, "The Canadian Conspiracy" is a humor-laden mockumentary movie that exaggerates stereotypes, patriotism, and the notion of a conspiracy in an entertaining and facetious way. With an assembly of famous Canadian faces, subtle wit, and enjoyable embellishment, it provides an entertaining viewpoint on the American show business's enduring fascination and influence by Canadian talent.

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