The Clinic (2004)

New veterinary school graduate Dr. Andrew McDonald encounters many challanges on his first day as an intern at a rural but busy veterinary hospital. Along with the beasts, there is legendary chief veterinarian Dr. Cyrus Gachet, the cynical senior surgeon Dr. Kyle Southern, and a pretty young vet Dr. Emma Matthews. There is a ferret, a wounded cat, a St. Bernard dog, two horses, a deer and a fire to endure.

"The Clinic" is an Australian television film released in 2004, directed by Peter Andrikidis. The film clarifies the complex legal, individual, and ethical concerns surrounding the controversial topic of abortion, while exposing the emotional struggles of the characters involved in such choices. The story revolves around the lives of three women - Val, Lisa, and Judy - who base on various sides of the abortion argument and are linked through their association with an abortion clinic.

Plot Summary
The movie starts with Val Cleary (Gerda Nicolson), an experienced females's counselor, starting her new task at an abortion center in Melbourne called The Clinic, which supplies safe and legal abortions to women in requirement. Lisa (Jessica Perrin), a young single mother, works as a receptionist at The Clinic. At the same time, Judy (Joyce Jacobs), a devout Christian woman, takes part in a project of protest to close down The Clinic completely.

Distressed about an unexpected pregnancy, Michelle (Diana Glenn), a patient at the clinic, fights with her emotions while deciding to have an abortion. Concurrently, Val's kid, Ben (Fletcher Humphrys), is engaged to a female named Amy (Kate Beahan), who is experiencing early morning illness without recognizing that she is pregnant. On the other hand, Lisa handles her boyfriend Frank's (Zachary Garred) annoyance with their relationship and duty as a father.

As the film progresses, the lives of the characters end up being more linked. Judy, who lives next door to Val, starts opposing against The Clinic and begins to encounter Val in their individual and expert lives. Val feels annoyed as she supports those seeking abortions at The Clinic, inevitably drawing her into direct dispute with Judy.

As a method to handle their psychological turmoil, Lisa and Michelle develop a bond, counting on each other for support. Lisa reveals her past abortion to Michelle, and they both sympathize over the judgement-laden mindsets they've dealt with.

Throughout the film, The Clinic is targeted by anti-abortion protesters, who not only picket and harass the patients but also vandalize the clinic. The stress between Val and Judy escalates, leading to a legal battle after Judy breaks into The Clinic and destroys medical documents.

Amidst the chaos, Amy finds that she's pregnant and decides to have an abortion, including even more to the pre-existing tension among the characters. Eventually, Lisa finds out about Amy's abortion and is troubled, leading her to face Ben and go over the circumstance.

Character Development
The characters' identities and relationships are developed significantly as the story unfolds. Val stays a strong advocate, assisting women who have made the difficult choice to go through abortions. Lisa grapples with her previous abortion and individual life battles, while likewise supporting Michelle in her mission for choosing whether to have an abortion or not.

Judy, overpowered by her spiritual convictions, stays persistent in her efforts to shut down The Clinic. Nevertheless, she goes through a substantial change in her attitude after familiarizing about her grandson's girlfriend's abortion. Her character develops from being an uncompromising activist to having empathy for the people involved in the situation.

"The Clinic" is a thought-provoking and emotional film that raises critical questions about the abortion debate. By concentrating on the complexities and struggles faced by the characters, director Peter Andrikidis highlights the importance of understanding and appreciating individual choices, while promoting compassion for the tough choices individuals need to make.

The movie is well balanced, as it checks out both sides of the dispute with sensitivity and sincerity, without ending up being excessively preachy or judgmental. The strength of the subject matter, together with the gifted cast and strong character development, make "The Clinic" an engaging and poignant film that leaves viewers pondering the intricacies and emotions surrounding the tough decisions associated with abortion.

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