The Commuter (2018)

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A businessman, on his daily commute home, gets unwittingly caught up in a criminal conspiracy that threatens not only his life but the lives of those around him.

Movie Introduction
"The Commuter" is an action thriller movie launched in 2018, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and starring Liam Neeson. The plot mostly occurs on a commuter train heading out of New York City and focuses on the dramatic journey of Michael MacCauley, played by Neeson, an ex-police officer now working as an insurance coverage salesman.

Main Plot
One day, Michael gets fired from his task. On his normal commuter train back home, a mysterious woman called Joanna (Vera Farmiga) approaches him. She provides a hypothetical scenario: For $100,000, he should find a traveler who does not belong in the train. Towards completion of the line, this unidentified passenger will be bring a bag which contains something taken; the codename for this traveler is 'Prynne'. At first thinking it as a joke, Michael is shocked to discover $25,000 in the train's bathroom, just as Joanna discussed.

Intense Search and Unraveling of Conspiracy
With the staying quantity hidden in the train, Michael, partly out of requirement and curiosity, embarks on the search. Making use of his former police abilities, he investigates and probes the routine commuters and gradually limits the potential suspects. Nonetheless, he starts to understand the deadly seriousness of the game when his family becomes a target for the conspirators. The hazard reveals that 'Prynne' is a crucial witness in a criminal conspiracy.

Race Against Time
By notifying the cops about the conspiracy, Michael, together with numerous commuters, deal with misfortunes to safeguard 'Prynne'. Regardless of a number of hurdles like a staged train derailment, he masterfully manages to conserve most travelers and guarantee they're safe. He analyzes 'Prynne's' identity, a girl named Gwen (Clara Lago), who brings incriminating info versus powerful corrupt cops officials.

Climax and Resolution
As the train heads towards the end, the corrupt authorities take part. They are led by Walt (Sam Neill), Michael's previous partner. His fight with the villains in an attempt to shield Gwen intensifies to an intense face-off. However, he fakes Gwen's death by staging a train crash, ultimately misguiding the villains. They get away, and the incriminating proof is launched to the public, resulting in the arrest of the corrupt officials.

Lastly, after all the suspense and thrilling experiences, Michael becomes a hero, albeit a humble one, conserving the day and exposing a deadly conspiracy. It's the mix of an interesting premise, the tension-filled story, the non-stop action, and Liam Neeson's impressive performance, that made this film an interesting journey for audiences worldwide. Released by StudioCanal and Lionsgate, "The Commuter" got mixed evaluations however was commercially successful.

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