The Contract (1999)

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After a bad day with her boss, friend, husband, babysitter etc., Anne goes to a bar. A man offers to solve her problems. As a joke, she signs a napkin. Hours later, the boss is dead.

Film Overview
"The Contract" from 1999 is a thrilling drama directed by K.C Bascombe that circle a tense negotiation in between an expert killer and a relentless authorities arbitrator. The heart of the plot is an assassination contract taken by a hit man, Peter (Billy Dee Williams), who, in an unexpected turn of events, winds up being cornered by a resolute police officer, Ray (Rick Springfield). The system of trust, betrayal, and principles forms the core of the movie.

Plot Summary
The movie begins with Peter, a seasoned contract killer, who is pondering retirement after his final task. Used by a mystical organization referred to only as "the business", Peter's last mission is to assassinate a high-profile target, a powerful business owner. However, things do not go as planned, and the hitman is obstructed by Ray, a determined law enforcement officer.

Ray instantly recognizes that Peter is different from the usual lawbreakers he comes across and that he might belong to something far larger and more hazardous. He is a guy assisted by codes and a sense of professionalism extraordinary in many villains. On the other hand, Peter finds himself in a predicament, stuck between his pursuit of freedom and the code of 'the company,' which strictly imposes the conclusion of agreements at any cost.

Key Characters
Billy Dee Williams portrays the assassin, Peter, compellingly predicting a character with a deep sense of stability and professionalism. Peter is seen as someone who is not evil, despite the fact that he is a killer by profession. He believes in the sanctity of an agreement and firmly insists that he is merely a business person doing his job.

Rick Springfield plays Ray, a devoted police officer who discovers himself in a feline and mouse chase with Peter. His character brings excellent vigor and a strong ethical compass to the narrative. His strength depends on his determination to constantly do what's right, regardless of the odds he deals with.

Unanticipated Twists and Conclusion
The movie builds suspense and enjoyment through unexpected plot twists. It is revealed that Ray's police department has actually been infiltrated and some officers are working for 'the business'. This includes another layer of intricacy to Ray's circumstance, who now needs to not just deal with Peter however also discover who within his department is assisting the crooks.

In an unexpected conclusion, Peter ultimately helps Ray expose the moles in the police department, showcasing an oddly selfless streak for a contract killer. Peter pays a high cost and loses his life while helping Ray capture the damaged law enforcement officer, and he ends up finishing his last contract by killing the entrepreneur he was initially assigned to assassinate.

Final Thoughts
"The Contract" is an appealing thriller that skilfully links concerns of morality, stability, and high-stake pressure. It checks out the interesting vibrant between the hunter and the hunted, challenging the dichotomy of hero and bad guy standards. It delivers a skillful representation of characters who reveal unwavering dedication to their expert codes, even if they stand on opposite sides of the law. Regardless of its reasonably underappreciated status, "The Contract" provides an engaging story, well-developed characters, and an unexpected twist that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Top Cast

  • Camilla Overbye Roos
    Anne Collins
  • Jeff Fahey (small)
    Jeff Fahey
    Detective Tucci
  • Andrew Keegan (small)
    Andrew Keegan
    Howard Maple
  • Amy Weber (small)
    Amy Weber
    Jessica Grey
  • Michael Worth (small)
    Michael Worth
    Detective McGuiness
  • Robert Gant (small)
    Robert Gant
    Gene Collins
  • Louise Fletcher (small)
    Louise Fletcher
    Grandma Collins
  • Patrick Renna (small)
    Patrick Renna
    Jerry the Clerk
  • Stephen J. Cannell (small)
    Stephen J. Cannell
    William Goodwin
  • Erika Nann
    Nurse Gale
  • Harvey Shain (small)
    Harvey Shain
    Gene's Chauffeur