The Defenders: Choice of Evils (1998)

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The Defenders are a crack team of lawyers dedicated to one principle - the accused is innocent untill proven guilty. This time, they defend a man wrongly convicted of murder.

The Defenders: Choice of Evils Introduction
"The Defenders: Choice of Evils" is a 1998 movie drama directed by Andy Wolk. The motion picture is a remake of the 1960s tv series "The Defenders", starring Beau Bridges and E.G. Marshall, who reprised his role from the original series. The film revolves around the premise of law and ethical obligation, showing an intense courtroom drama with numerous layers of legality and justice.

The Plot
The movie begins with the story of a father-son duo, Lawrence Preston (E.G. Marshall) and Don Preston (Beau Bridges), who interact as defense attorneys. The core of the story focuses on an intricate criminal case they carry out. This case includes a female named Chelsea, who is implicated of eliminating her abusive ex-husband. Chelsea declares she acted in self-defense, fearing for her and her kid's lives. In spite of the odds stacked against them, the Prestons devote to protecting Chelsea and showing her innocence in court.

Characters and Struggles
Lawrence and Don Preston, our lead characters, grapple with their own struggles and bookings throughout the movie. Lawrence, the older defender and daddy figure, discovers his health weakening with age, while still trying to hold down his professional responsibilities. Don, on the other hand, is involved in an affair with an uncompromising journalist, risking his personal and professional reputation.

Chelsea, their client, is portrayed as a strong yet beleaguered female swallowed up by her past. The film casts her as the victim, trapped in a hazardous and unjust scenario, forced to secure herself and her kid from a violent ex-husband.

Legal Battles and Moral Choices
The Prestons face considerable challenges regarding morality and legal commitments. Don fights with the choice between defending the law and flexing it for justice. Stress increase as the defense is forced to consider drastic and unconventional steps to secure Chelsea and her son, such as planning a first-degree murder defense.

Simultaneously, Lawrence's health continues to fluctuate, but his decision to see justice served keeps him perseverant. His steadfast resolution to promote the fact above all and his belief in Chelsea's innocence drive the story forward.

The Verdict and Conclusion
In the end, the defense's vibrant strategy and devotion to their client's innocence pay off, leading to the acquittal of Chelsea. The possibility of the trial shows the triumph of truth and justice over manipulation and power. The dad and boy duo, in the middle of their personal difficulties, prove their durability and their intrinsic dedication to justice.

"The Defenders: Choice of Evils" is a film that grapples with the subjects of abuse, personal principles, legality, and the lengths to which individuals can go in their quest for justice. It accentuates domestic violence and concentrates on the ethical dilemmas individuals may face when navigating systems of law. The movie concludes with an effective message about the strength and integrity of individuals defending the reality, repeating the value of an undeterred quest for justice.

Top Cast

  • Beau Bridges (small)
    Beau Bridges
    Don Preston
  • E.G. Marshall (small)
    E.G. Marshall
    Lawrence Preston
  • Martha Plimpton (small)
    Martha Plimpton
    Mary Jane Preston
  • Jon Polito (small)
    Jon Polito
    D.A. Al Orsini
  • LisaGay Hamilton (small)
    LisaGay Hamilton
    Jeanne Baptiste
  • Mimi Kuzyk (small)
    Mimi Kuzyk
    Camille Preston
  • James McDaniel (small)
    James McDaniel
    Jack Casey
  • David Hemblen (small)
    David Hemblen
  • Melanie Nicholls-King (small)
    Melanie Nicholls-King
    Sarah Casey
  • Christopher Redman (small)
    Christopher Redman
  • Christopher Redmond
    Steven Preston