The Devil Has a Name (2019)

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An oil baron and a farmer standoff after the water on his farm is poisoned by her company.

Film Introduction
"The Devil Has a Name", directed by Edward James Olmos, is an American ecological drama-thriller film from 2019. It is mainly based on true events surrounding an environmental contamination case that took place in Central California. The movie includes a clash between a recognized oil conglomerate and a persistent farmer.

Plot Summary
The protagonist, Fred Stern (David Strathairn), is a widowed almond farmer having a hard time financially. One day, he brings some water samples from his farm to be tested, finding the water has been polluted by the nearby Shore Oil company. After this discovery, Stern teams up with his right-hand man Santiago (Edward James Olmos) to expose the truth.

The oil business, led by its cunning manager Gigi Cutler (Kate Bosworth), is horrified by the rising problems and sends out the captivating Alex Gardner (Haley Joel Osment) to provide Stern a seemingly generous buyout for his impoverished land. Stern at first takes the proposal, unwittingly offering his rights to claiming damages worth millions.

Main Characters
Stern, uninformed of the reality initially, ultimately discovers of his major loss from his good friend, lawyer Ralph Wegis (Martin Sheen), who educates him on the worth of his case and advises him to take legal action against Shore Oil. Stern's decision to take on the powerful conglomerate sends ripples of stress across California's Central Valley.

Alex Gardner is an ambitious business negotiator, contrasting with the simple and blunt farmer, Stern. As a significant agent of Shore Oil, he is charged with managing the crisis, using both low and high-handed approaches, including intrigue to the plot.

Cutler, cold and shrewd in handling the crisis, is callous in her quest to protect her family's reputation and big oil empire. She is determined on defeating Stern in court at any expense, employing a slick corporate defense attorney, Ethan De Toth (Pablo Schreiber).

Imagery and Themes
"The Devil Has a Name" is resplendent with overtones of business greed, manipulation, environmental degradation, and the little man's fight versus a huge corporation. Strathairn remarkably catches the persona of the defiant, stubborn farmer who, against all chances, is all set to eliminate for what he thinks is right. The movie does an exemplary job of exposing the severe truths behind environmental catastrophes, business exploitation, and legal battles.

Concluding Plot
In the course of the movie, Gardner faces an ethical dilemma and eventually chooses to support Stern in exposing the truth about the contamination. The movie climaxes in an intense courtroom battle where it's seemingly David vs Goliath-- Stern against the corporate giant.

Final Thoughts
"The Devil Has a Name" is a gritty eco-friendly drama that offers a somber exploration of environmental abuse at the hands of huge corporations. It captures the human spirit in its resilience in the face of complicated difficulties, illuminating Stern's heroism as he fights back. Although the movie explores disturbing truths, it ultimately leaves an inspiring message about the power of the individual versus a corrupt system.

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