The Family That Preys (2008)

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Alice Pratt, a hard working Christian woman, raised her two daughters while managing a simple diner of her own. Her snobbish and arrogant daughter Andrea graduated in Economic Science and works in a construction corporation while her sister Pam stayed with Alice and worked in the diner. Andrea is married to construction worker Chris, who works in the same corporation as his wife but dreams of starting up his own business. However she is being unfaithful to him - with their boss William Cartwright. William is the son of Alice's best friend, the wealthy Charlotte Cartwright. While Alice travels with Charlotte on a road trip, the ambition and infidelity of William triggers a series of events that will affect relationships in both families.

Film Synopsis
"The Family That Preys" is a 2008 American drama film composed, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry. The film is an expedition of class on both sides of the track, provoking thought and self-reflection through a varied set of characters. It focuses on 2 households, one rich and the other working-class, whose lives link due to moments of love, betrayal, and long-held secrets.

Main Plot
The film's wealthy family, the Cartwrights, is led by Charlotte Cartwright, played by Kathy Bates. Charlotte's kid, William (Cole Hauser), runs the household organization. On the other hand, Alice Pratt, portrayed by Alfre Woodard, is a modest and religious lady whose child, Andrea (Sanaa Lathan) works for the Cartwrights.

At the start, there appear pressures between the two households as the enthusiastic Andrea is infatuated with the affluent and luxurious way of life of the Cartwrights and discovers herself in an extramarital affair with William, who is married to Jillian. Alice's other child, Pam, who is married to Ben, bears the impact of her sister's luxury and constantly covers for her economically.

Key Relationships and Twists
Charlotte and Alice are long-time pals, frequently sharing lunch together, and ultimately decide to go on a trip to leave their tangled family life. Throughout the trip, an inebriated Charlotte exposes William and Andrea's affair to Alice, who is entirely broken.

In the meantime, back house, William and Andrea plot versus Charlotte to take control of the family company due to Charlotte's hesitation to step down as the CEO. Ben, who works construction under the same company is shielded from this info. Ultimately, he enters the windfall of a profitable building and construction job which he was advised for by Charlotte. This surprise chance results in him starting a specific niche retirement home, much to Andrea's ridicule.

The Climax and Conclusion
Post the road trip, the betrayed Alice desperately expects Andrea to redeem herself but to her dismay, discovers her daughter excited to continue the affair. An enraged Alice slaps Andrea, triggering her to finally see the mistakes of her methods and the atrocious choices she has actually made.

However, the final blow comes through when William techniques Charlotte into transferring business to him, which he immediately sells, leaving Jillian and Charlotte dumbstruck. Yet, justice dominates. Charlotte, who had expected such a relocation, had legally moved all her possessions and cash to her faithful personnel. Furthermore, the disgraced William learns that his kids are really Ben's due to the long-lasting affair in between Ben and Andrea.

The movie ends on a confident note: Andrea, repentant and looking for a clean slate, transfers to Atlanta with her children while Alice and Charlotte continue their luncheons, now at Alice's restaurant funded by Charlotte, recollecting about their eventful lives.

"The Family That Preys" stands as a fascinating narrative of love, deceptiveness, ambition, and redemption, offering-- particularly through Alice and Charlotte-- an exploration of the intricacies, happiness, and trials of relationship and household.

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