The Fashion Side of Hollywood (1935)

The Fashion Side of Hollywood Poster

Compilation of lighting and costume tests from various films, most notably Sternberg's The Devil Is a Woman (1935).

Film Overview
"The Fashion Side of Hollywood" is a 1935 short documentary that offers an expert's view into the integral role that fashion plays in Hollywood movie production. It showcases the innovative process behind designing costumes that help to form the characters depicted on screen and complement the story.

The movie is composed and directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Herman Hoffman. This timeless black and white documentary aims to please the public's fascination with the glamour and luxury provided by Hollywood style, peeling back the drape on the costume style procedure.

Inside the Costume Department
The movie primarily focuses on the dynamic outfit departments of movie studios, showing the diligently delicate work associated with producing outfits. From sketching initial styles, selecting material types and colors, cutting, sewing, and fitting each garment to the actors, the movie illustrates the several phases needed to transform an idea into an expressive costume.

It also shows the huge choice of outfits required for different movies, consisting of historic dramas, modern-day love or exotic adventures. The documentary touches upon the value of outfits, how they contribute to specifying characters, and how accurate representation of the era or culture provided in the story is crucial.

Fashion and Stardom
A popular feature of "The Fashion Side of Hollywood" is the star power it accommodates. Traditional film stars like Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, and Jean Harlow make appearances, showcasing the glamour that Hollywood's leading ladies were known for during this golden era of cinema.

Notably, the movie admires the cooperative relationship between fame and fashion. It shows how fashion can significantly influence a star's image and how, in turn, lots of style trends have actually been influenced by motion picture stars' on-screen closets.

Designers' Role in Filmmaking
The movie gives well-deserved credit to outfit designers and their crucial contribution in creating the total visual aesthetic of a movie. Adler Gilbert, a prominent outfit designer, features throughout the documentary. He offers an informative view into the complexities of outfit design, understanding character arcs and the discussion with directors on their visions for a film.

Public Impact
Last but not least, "The Fashion Side of Hollywood" highlights the impact of Hollywood in the fashion business, especially throughout the 1930s. It shows how the exceptional styles from renowned movies were typically adjusted by style sellers for the clothes market, straight affecting popular trends and forming the method America, and the world, dressed.

"The Fashion Side of Hollywood" provides a distinctive glimpse into the detailed relationship in between style and film. The movie artfully talks about the significance of outfit in narrative storytelling, the collective process in film production, the influence of Hollywood on global fashion patterns, and the role film stars play in determining style. Through this, the film highlights the significance of Hollywood as a fashion powerhouse. Overall, it is a noteworthy movie for those interested in the history of fashion, movie, and the unique cross-pollination of both industries.

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