The Final Contract (1992)

Original Title: Due vite, un destino

Thriller directed by Romolo Guerrieri and starring Fabio Testi, Michael Nuori, Burt Young and Philippe Leroy. David Sloan is 40 and is a Vietnam veteran unable to accept his violent past. Decides to consult a psychiatrist and gradually begins to understand that there are other things in life besides killing.

Film Overview
"The Final Contract" is an intense late-night adult drama film with a twist. Launched in 1992, the film was directed by Michael A. Atkinson. The 96-minute long film explores the appealing relationships in between love, power, dominance, betrayal, and sexual triggers flying through the room, which adds an edge to the film's storyline.

Plot Summary
The plot of "The Final Contract" focuses on an effective business owner named Richard, who is wed to his better half Emily. They have a secure, stable life until a mysterious man, Hal enters into their lives. He is suave, sophisticated, and has an unique appeal that immediately interests Emily. Hal features an intriguing deal that Richard finds too difficult to withstand. He suggests that Richard needs to sell him Emily for thirty days. In return, he will get a million dollars at the end of the month.

Richard initially dismisses the ridiculous proposal, however under monetary pressure and an inexplicable desire to break away from a mundane life, he uses up Hal's deal. Emily, hurt and betrayed, has no option but to adhere to her partner's choice.

Characterization and Performances
The actors' efficiencies are engaging and bring a touch of realism to their respective characters. Richard's character is flawed but real. His desperation and weakness are portrayed incredibly well by the actor, which makes the audience question the boundaries of morality and desperation. Emily's character is imprinted as a strong female, emotionally shattered by her spouse's choice, yet striving to make the most out of her unfortunate situation. Hal's shrewd charm and convincing attitude are played brilliantly. His character functions as a catalyst that produces significant changes in Richard and Emily's life.

Theme and Message
"The Final Contract" is dark and extreme, discussing styles like the power of money, the intricacy of human desires, and the sometimes-destructive nature of relationships. It subtly talks about the value of relationships and how they can be easily weighed versus materialistic gains. The surreal plot of the film questions our boundaries of principles and morality, implicitly asking the audience: "What would you do for cash?"

The ending is what makes 'The Final Contract' undoubtedly unforgettable. At the end of the month, Richard understands he made a fatal error. The remorse is palpable, and he desires nothing more than to have Emily back. All at once, Emily returns from a memorable journey, a changed and more assertive lady. The stunning twist is exposed in the climax when Emily chooses to stay with Hal, picking love over her former life, leaving Richard alone, broken, and regretful.

Overall, "The Final Contract" is an effective film that digs deep into human feelings and desires, questioning recognized societal standards. The narrative grips the viewers till the very end, keeping them on their toes as the suspense unfolds. Regardless of being a film from 1992, it manages to engage the audience even today since of its attractive story and the essential questions it postures about humanity, love, relationships, and the materialistic standards of society.

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