The Final Girls (2015)

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A young woman grieving the loss of her mother, a famous scream queen from the 1980s, finds herself pulled into the world of her mom's most famous movie. Reunited, the women must fight off the film's maniacal killer.

Film Overview
"The Final Girls" is a 2015 horror-comedy directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, starring Taissa Farmiga, Malin Åkerman, Alexander Ludwig, and Nina Dobrev. The movie integrates the genres of scary, comedy, and drama as it checks out the hilarity, adventure, and psychological journey of a group of pals who are transported into a timeless 80's horror film.

Plot Summary
The lead character of the film, Max Cartwright (Taissa Farmiga), is grieving the death of her mom, Amanda (Malin Åkerman), a one-time scary movie shriek queen famous for her role in "Camp Bloodbath", a slasher flick from the 80s. Three years after her mother's death, Max is hesitantly persuaded by her pal Duncan (Thomas Middleditch) and her crush Chris (Alexander Ludwig) to participate in an unique double-feature screening of "Camp Bloodbath" and its sequel.

An accident in the theater causes a fire, and in a desperate effort to escape, Max and her good friends cut through the movie screen, which remarkably transfers them into the world of "Camp Bloodbath". They discover themselves trapped in the motion picture with the characters, including Max's mother's character Nancy. Max sees this as an opportunity to try and conserve her mother's character from her scripted death, expecting a different outcome this time.

Immersed in a Horror Movie

The good friends browse the movie's storyline, managing to mix in regardless of the occasional oddities. They quickly recognize they are being targeted by Billy Murphy (Dan B. Norris), a masked slasher bad guy, whose killing spree they should endure to leave the movie. Along the way, they use their understanding of the movie to manipulate the story while likewise engaging in numerous comical and dramatic interactions with the movie characters.

Emotional Journey and Climax

Throughout the movie, Max fights with the yearning and sorrow over her real-life mother while attempting to save the character of Nancy within the movie. No longer just an amusing adventure, the movie dives deep into the psychological realm when Max reveals to Nancy who she is. Nancy, considering the reality of her fictional existence and her upcoming scripted death, chooses to sacrifice herself to conserve Max.

In the heart-wrenching climax, Nancy confronts Billy, allowing Max to weaken him. Together with her good friends, Max finally defeats Billy. Nevertheless, they stay stuck in the movie till Max is the last lady standing, a typical trope in slasher movies, thus ending up being the "last woman". After a tearful bye-bye to Nancy, Max is "killed" in the movie, just to get up in the real life, unbelievely emerging from the theater fire unscathed together with her buddies.

Ending Twist
The pleasure of survival is interrupted as the group understands they are now in the sequel "Camp Bloodbath 2", showing brand-new difficulties ahead.

Final Thoughts
"The Final Girls" is a clever and innovative movie that successfully has fun with the tropes of slasher movies and integrates elements of funny and drama. It checks out the themes of sorrow, nerve, and approval while taking viewers on a thrilling ride, wrapped up in 80's looks and a tongue-in-cheek satire of the scary category. Despite its scary setup, at its core, the movie is a touching tribute to motherly love.

Top Cast

  • Taissa Farmiga (small)
    Taissa Farmiga
    Max Cartwright
  • Malin Åkerman (small)
    Malin Åkerman
    Nancy / Amanda Cartwright
  • Nina Dobrev (small)
    Nina Dobrev
    Vicki Summers
  • Alexander Ludwig (small)
    Alexander Ludwig
    Chris Briggs
  • Adam DeVine (small)
    Adam DeVine
  • Thomas Middleditch (small)
    Thomas Middleditch
  • Alia Shawkat (small)
    Alia Shawkat
    Gertie Michaels
  • Chloe Bridges (small)
    Chloe Bridges
  • Angela Trimbur (small)
    Angela Trimbur
  • Tory N. Thompson (small)
    Tory N. Thompson
  • Reginald Robinson (small)
    Reginald Robinson
    Hunky Hiker