The Ghost Writer (2010)

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A writer stumbles upon a long-hidden secret when he agrees to help former British Prime Minister Adam Lang complete his memoirs on a remote island after the politician's assistant drowns in a mysterious accident.

"The Ghost Writer" from 2010 is a dramatic thriller directed by Roman Polanski. It focuses on a ghostwriter who is hired to finish the memoirs of a former British prime minister and ends up being embroiled in tricks and scandals. The movie stars Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Williams, and Kim Cattrall.

Plot Overview
The story follows a ghostwriter, played by McGregor, who is never called in the movie. He is offered the job of finishing the memoirs of previous British Prime Minister, Adam Lang, portrayed by Brosnan, following the mystical death of the previous ghostwriter, Mike McAra. Upon arrival at Lang's home on Martha's Vineyard in the U.S, he finds an uneasy environment, fueled by political pressure, protests, and limelights due to Lang's supposed war criminal offenses.

Unraveling of Secrets
As the 'Ghost' delves more into McAra's research to compose the memoirs, he discovers worrying secrets about Lang's administration's illegal activities and McAra's death. The ghostwriter believes Lang's participation in questionable and unlawful techniques throughout his tenure, including the possible performance of suspects for abuse. Things get back at more made complex as he untangles a web of Lang's affairs, including a possible relationship with his assistant, Amelia Bly, played by Cattrall.

Discovery and Perils
The ghostwriter deciphers more layers of deceptiveness when he discovers that Lang's partner, Ruth (Williams), was potentially a CIA operative and the genuine power behind Lang, who was likely hired by the CIA while he was at university. He likewise discovers, to his horror, that Mike McAra was potentially killed since he discovered these very secrets. His life takes a treacherous turn as he becomes vulnerable to the same threats that potentially led to McAra's death.

In the ending, after Lang's death in an assassination, the ghostwriter finishes the memoir and will reveal the tricks to the world. However, an expose from a stranger makes him figure out the code in Lang's memoir, which were left by McAra and verify his findings about Lang and Ruth's involvement with the CIA. However before he can expose the truth, he is hit by a cars and truck, in a grim reproduction of McAra's expected accident, and the narrative revisions end up in the hands of a brand-new ghostwriter.

Themes & Reception
"The Ghost Writer" flourishes on styles of political intrigue, thriller, and murder mystery, served with Polanski's signature tension-filled atmosphere and complex characters. The movie typically harps on the line in between reality and deceptiveness and the unsafe impacts of revealing debated narratives. It was favored by critics, valued for its thriller story, absorbing performances, and parallels with Polanski's own contentious, politically charged personal history.

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