The Gift of Winter (1974)

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Long, long ago the world didn't have any snow and winter was a time of wind, darkness and cold. One day a group of kids with a heartfelt cause to transform the season marched to the Ministry of Winter to persuade the all-powerful, icy-hearted Mr.Winter to use his magic and bestow the great gift of snowfall upon the world. It's a gift that makes the season full of wonder and joy, it is The Gift of Winter.

"The Gift of Winter" is a 1974 Canadian animated television unique film written by Tim Reid and John Delaney. Aired initially on television Ontario, the movie includes voice acting by Gilda Radner and Dan Aykroyd before their looks on Saturday Night Live. The movie was produced by Riff Markowitz and directed by John Leach and Tim Reid.

The plot revolves around a community of characters who are disappointed with the chilling winter season and lack of facilities to combat it. Fed up with the long, gloomy winter season where they do not have any heat or light, they hold a conference to select what they can do. They agree on going to the 'Big Voice' that manages the weather to grumble and demand an easier winter.

Main Characters
The protagonist of the movie is Goodly, who is signed up with by Nicely and Rotten alongside a group of other characters. Goodly is the town's optimist and encourager, functioning as a lead voice for the aggrieved citizens. Nicely, as her name recommends, is a sweet and caring character always prepared to assist others, while Rotten is a more negative character however joins them on their objective anyway.

Experience and Lessons
The group starts a long journey, facing several obstacles along the method, consisting of snowstorms and icy terrains. However, the effort to reach the Big Voice doesn't end up as they anticipate. Instead of addressing their problems, the Big Voice provides a wonderful substance known as 'snow.'.

Confused initially, the group soon discovers that snow can be enjoyable. They learn how to make snowmen, have snowball fights, and participate in other winter activities that bring happiness. This leads them to find the real 'present' of winter-- not just the challenges it brings, but the delight and unity it can incite within a community.

Towards completion, the group returns home with a newly found gratitude for winter season. They share their experience and the wonderful substance 'snow' with the rest of the town, bringing life and cheer to everyone. Rather than seeing winter season as an extreme season, they now see it as a time for unity, enjoyable, and joy.

Animation and Themes
For its time, "The Gift of Winter" showcased outstanding animation, making it rather satisfying for audiences of any ages. Furthermore, the film encapsulates themes of unity, strength, relationships, and the ability to find delight in the difficulties of life.

"The Gift of Winter" laid the groundwork for the later tv series, "The Raccoons", including comparable animation style and themes, with more focus on ecological challenges. The film made a long lasting influence on the audiences by displaying heartwarming life lessons and stayed a timeless piece of Canadian animation history.

In summary, "The Gift of Winter" depicts a captivating tale of a group's journey towards understanding the genuine essence of winter. It underscores the power of optimism, community spirit, and adaptation, teaching audiences to discover joy even in the harshest conditions. In spite of initial protest over the hardships of winter season, the characters learn to embrace and take pleasure in the season, recognizing it as a 'present,' making the narrative an endearing, timeless watch.

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