The Guilt Trip (2012)

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An inventor and his mom hit the road together so he can sell his latest invention.

Film Summary
"The Guilt Trip" is a comedy-drama film from 2012 directed by Anne Fletcher and produced by Lorne Michaels, John Goldwyn, and Evan Goldberg. This perfectly crafted movie focuses on the story of a mother-son duo, Joyce Brewster (Barbara Streisand) and Andrew Brewster (Seth Rogen) who start a cross-country trip together.

Introduction and Plot
The story starts when Andrew Brewster, an organic chemist who is attempting to offer his eco-friendly cleansing product, Scioclean, chooses to embark on a sales journey. He visits his mama, Joyce, in New Jersey before setting off and through a casual talk, Andrew finds a romance of his mom's life with a male named Andrew Margolis, who she didn't wed. Andrew, thinking his mother might still have feelings for Mr. Margolis, chooses to reunite them and welcomes his mother to come with him on his service trip that privately winds up at the house of Andrew Margolis in San Francisco.

Unforeseen Adventures
During their road trip, they have to endure several awkward yet amusing situations which eventually bring them more detailed. Andrew attempts to sell his item at different business while Joyce attempts to offer Andrew's item too, typically over stepping and intervening much to Andrew's chagrin. Yet she ends up scoring a sale with the Home Shopping Network. They check out a strip joint inadvertently, get involved in a fight at a steakhouse, come across a bothersome automobile salesperson and they even have a substantial argument about Andrew's career, sparking stress however also resolution in between them.

Resolution of the Story
Upon reaching San Francisco, they find out that Andrew Margolis had actually passed away a few years ago. Discouraged, Joyce gets upset believing that she has no right to like after her spouse's death, while Andrew feels more alienated than ever. After a genuine conversation, where Andrew ensures Joyce that she can find love once again, and Joyce consoles Andrew about his unsold item, they both fix up and decide to make the very best out of the trip. Excitingly, Joyce's aggressive technique shows beneficial and Andrew's cleaner gets sold on the Home Shopping Network.

Final Thoughts
At the end of "The Guilt Trip", the mother-son reconciliation is heartfelt. Joyce ultimately goes on a date and Andrew successfully sells his product, and they part ways, stronger and better. The movie strikes a beautiful balance in between humor and poignant moments that explores family characteristics, in particular the relationship between a mother and child. It wonderfully intertwines a story of self-discovery, renewal, and the unbreakable bond of a moms and dad and child. The dazzling efficiencies of Streisand and Rogen drive the psychological depth of the movie to a greater level, making it a pleasurable and relatable watch.

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