The Highwayman (2000)

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Road trips have never been this killer! Jason Priestley stars as Breakfast, a psychotic jewelry store thief whose grip on reality is frighteningly precarious. With his accomplice Panda, the duo make off with a carload of cash, a result of a tip-off from beautiful cashier Ziggy. Her reward: to hitch a ride with the out-of-control duo so that she can meet her long-lost father Francis. But Breakfast is on a suicidal quest to even a score with his former boss and has the cops hot on his trail. Rage, murder and revenge are about to collide!

Film Summary
"The Highwayman" is a 2000 thriller movie directed by Keoni Waxman and frontlined by actors such as James Coburn, Jason Priestley, and Laura Harris. Initially called "Midnight Highway", the movie weaves a complex tale with art theft, intrigue, passion, and risk at its core.

"The Highwayman" begins with the break-in of a multi-million-dollar painting. Rennie Cray (Jason Priestley), a passionate art lover and private investigator, embarks on a quest to recover the stolen work of art. The painting, originally owned by Rennie's former lover's daddy, holds significant emotional weight for him. The pursuit lands him at a remote inn, run by a strange girl called Molly (Laura Harris).

The painting's burglar ends up being the frail elderly male Neil Mansfield (James Coburn), who has actually concealed the artwork and switched it with a fake. When Rennie arrives, Mansfield's health is on a decrease and he ends up being more puzzling about the stolen painting's place, additional making complex Rennie's mission.

Character Relationships and Development
Rennie and Molly, in the middle of the art-theft drama, establish a romantic connection. Through their relationship, the audience discovers more about Rennie's background and his enormous devotion to the art world. As the plot unfolds, Rennie's fascination ends up being doubtful, leaving Molly caught between her loyalties and the budding romance with Rennie.

On the other hand, the health of Neil deteriorates, triggering confessions about his dubious past and participation in the art break-in. As Neil browses old age and approaching death, his character intrigues the audience and adds additional layers to the secret presented in the movie.

The climax comes when Rennie must face his past and challenge his fascinations when the lost painting's place is exposed. It requires Rennie to break his code and step into dark areas resulting in an intense stand-off. The film constructs stress until the very end, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats with suspense.

"The Highwayman" is a film that looks into the world of stolen art and obsessions, intertwined with a strange romance. It's a thriller that grows on thriller, with a range of intriguing characters and complex plot twists that keep the audience engaged till completion. Directed by Keoni Waxman, it provides a fresh take on the styles of love, betrayal, passion, fixation, and the lengths individuals can go to protect something they truly love.

Although the film was not widely acknowledged and had a limited release, it has actually gotten a small cult following for its well-drawn characters and grasping plot. In general, "The Highwayman" is an engaging story about individual fixation, driven by strong efficiencies from the primary cast and the complex expedition of the high-stakes world of art theft.

Top Cast

  • Stephen McHattie (small)
    Stephen McHattie
    Frank Drake
  • Laura Harris (small)
    Laura Harris
    Ziggy Watson
  • Jason Priestley (small)
    Jason Priestley
  • Gordon Michael Woolvett (small)
    Gordon Michael Woolvett
  • Bernie Coulson (small)
    Bernie Coulson
  • Louis Gossett Jr. (small)
    Louis Gossett Jr.
    Phil Bishop
  • Linda Griffiths (small)
    Linda Griffiths
    Mrs. Jimson
  • Nicolas Van Burek (small)
    Nicolas Van Burek
    Stewart Jimson
  • Donald Burda (small)
    Donald Burda
    Det. Bill Steadman
  • Peter Keleghan (small)
    Peter Keleghan
    Bob Bender
  • Mike George
    Ted Greenway