The Kid Stays in the Picture (2002)

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Documentary about legendary Paramount producer Robert Evans, based on his famous 1994 autobiography.

Intro to "The Kid Remains In the Picture"
"The Kid Stays in the Picture" is a 2002 documentary that chronicles the amazing life and profession of film producer Robert Evans. Co-directed by Nanette Burstein and Brett Morgen, the movie is adjusted from Evans's 1994 autobiography of the very same name. It uses a combination of visual and audio components, consisting of pictures, movie, and the unmistakable voice of Evans himself, to inform the story of his rise, fall, and resurgence in Hollywood.

Robert Evans's Rise to Fame
Robert Evans started his career not in production, but in front of the camera as a star. His excellent looks and appeal caught the attention of Hollywood and led to his transition into motion picture production. The film's title refers to a well-known event early in Evans's career involving film magnate Darryl F. Zanuck, who defended the then-actor Evans's casting in "The Sun Also Rises" against the cast's desires with the assertive statement, "The kid stays in the picture".

After his stint as a star, Evans quickly shifted functions to end up being the head of production at Paramount Pictures in the late 1960s. Under his leadership, Paramount produced a series of vital and business hits that restored the studio's fortunes, consisting of classics like "Rosemary's Baby", "Love Story", "The Godfather", and "Chinatown". Evans became called a visionary whose impulses and taste brought Paramount to the leading edge of the movie market.

Evans's Journey of Ups and Downs
Regardless of his initial success, Evans's career and personal life were marked by several significant downturns. The documentary does not shy away from these, delving into his turbulent relationships, including his marital relationship to Ali MacGraw and her ultimate departure with Steve McQueen, along with his participation in a prominent drug trafficking scandal and alleged connections to the murder of Roy Radin during the production of "The Cotton Club."

In the film, Evans candidly narrates his own story, using insight into Hollywood's machinations and his battle with individual devils. His narration is laced with the arc of the movie market, as Evans encountered the altering characteristics in Hollywood, with the old studio system paving the way to a corporate structure less beneficial to the radical, auteur-driven jobs that were his signature.

Creative Style and Storytelling Techniques
"The Kid Stays in the Picture" is significant for its ingenious storytelling design, which relies greatly on the use of still photographs animated through the pan-and-scan strategy, enlivening images and supplying a vibrant way of highlighting Evans's anecdotes. This strategy, typically described as the "moving stills," produces a cinematic experience that lines up with the larger-than-life story.

Through this approach, Evans's voiceover is overlaid on a tapestry of visuals drawn from the golden era of Hollywood, enhancing his main position in the narrative. The documentary's directorial style subtly highlights the subjectivity of Evans's storytelling, enabling audiences an intimate look into his perspective, which is both self-aggrandizing and self-aware.

Legacy and Impact of Evans and the Documentary
While the movie is quite about Evans's individual journey, it also reflects on the nature of popularity, success, and the volatile nature of the movie industry. "The Kid Stays in the Picture" was seriously acclaimed upon its release for its engaging narrative, inventive visual style, and the raw, unfiltered look into Evans's life story.

The legacy of Robert Evans, as represented in the documentary, underscores the immense effect an individual can have on a market, whether through innovation, the pursuit of art, or the sheer force of personality. "The Kid Stays in the Picture" remains an influential work for those thinking about the history of film and the complexities behind the glitzy veneer of Hollywood.

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