The Land That Time Forgot (1974)

The Land That Time Forgot Poster

During World War I, a German U-boat sinks a British ship and takes the survivors on board. After it takes a wrong turn, the submarine takes them to the unknown land of Caprona, where they find dinosaurs and neanderthals.

Main Plot
"The Land That Time Forgot" is a British-American dream experience movie from 1974 directed by Kevin Connor. Based on the 1918 book of the same name by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the motion picture integrates aspects of science fiction, fantasy, and war genres.

"Bowen Tyler" (Doug McClure) and "Lisa Clayton" (Susan Penhaligon) are amongst the survivors when their ship is sunk throughout World War I by a German U-Boat, led by Captain Von Schoenvorts (John McEnery). Minimized the submarine by the defiant crew, they manage to take control of it and, for survival, they all have to interact. Throughout their journey, they all discover an uncharted land, Caprona, a seemingly volcanic island lost in time. The land where advancement is secured primitive stages.

Expedition on Caprona
Upon landing at this mysterious land mass, they discover a rich, tropical landscape bristling with ancient creatures. In addition, they also discover oil, providing them a potential fuel source. As they venture even more into the island, they see a weird event: the further inland they move, the more advanced the types of life become. The group continues to explore, encountering different stages of evolutionary life ranging from dinosaurs to early mammals. Along with prehistoric animals, they likewise stumble upon a prehistoric race of humans, residing in a primitive state of existence.

Dispute and Survival
Their newfound difficulty is not just to make it through versus dinosaurs and other harmful creatures but also to handle the tension and dispute in between the British and German survivors. As they adapt to this new environment and prepare to refine the crude oil into usable fuel, they must deal with the realities of their circumstance. A looming hazard of betrayal emerges as Captain Von Schoenvorts plans a mutiny to retake control of the submarine.

Try to Escape
The effort to escape Caprona becomes a survival race against time as the oil refining process takes longer than expected. Throughout this time, they face attacks from hostile human beings and monsters. The internal conflict causes an unsafe escape attempt in which most of the crew are killed.

In the end, Tyler narrates their experiences on Caprona through a container message which he tosses into the sea, hoping it will be found and they will be rescued. Nevertheless, the motion picture ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience to wonder the fate of Tyler and Lisa.

"The Land That Time Forgot", with its adventure-filled plot, thrilling action, and exploration of prehistoric life, has actually earned a cult film status over the years. The rich visuals and the 1970s production methods added appeal to its storytelling, making the movie a remarkable part of sci-fi and dream cinema.

Top Cast

  • Doug McClure (small)
    Doug McClure
    Bowen Tyler
  • John McEnery (small)
    John McEnery
    Captain Von Schoenvorts
  • Susan Penhaligon (small)
    Susan Penhaligon
    Lisa Clayton
  • Keith Barron (small)
    Keith Barron
  • Anthony Ainley (small)
    Anthony Ainley
  • Godfrey James (small)
    Godfrey James
  • Bobby Parr
  • Declan Mulholland
  • Colin Farrell (small)
    Colin Farrell
  • Ben Howard (small)
    Ben Howard
  • Roy Holder (small)
    Roy Holder