The Last Halloween (1991)

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Four Martians crash-land on Earth in search of candy for their home planet.

Film Introduction
"The Last Halloween" is a live-action and animated short horror-comedy movie released in 1991, directed by Sue Bea Montgomery with Hanna-Barbera Productions. It was produced by David Kirschner as part of the CBS telefilm series sponsored by Mars Candy.

Plot Setting
Set in the town of Crystal Lake on Halloween night, the film begins with a bathed-in-sepia flashback that recalls the story of an ancient alien named Gloom, who had actually crashed on Earth with his crew during the crystal rush era. They thrived over the land's crystals as an energy source for survival. After they diminished the crystals, their spaceship's energy reserves started to stop working. Gloom's four assistants then set out on a mission to restore the energy supply by gathering crystals.

Main Characters
Gloom's crew consists of 4 creatures: Plunk, the small green leader, Squish who's soft and purple, Bing, the most massive blue and spotted one, and Gleep, a two-tentacled yellow character. They are comical more than ominous in their quests, resembling the popular E.T. alien. Their innocence and ignorant appeal make them remarkable characters. A girl called Hanna Rivers is the main human lead character accompanied by her annoying little brother, Melvin.

In today day, the four alien creatures mistakenly find a town on Halloween night. Seeing other children trick-or-treating, they assume it is a popular ritual for "refueling" their spaceship and choose to follow suit. Provided their strange look, the townsfolk error them for kids in remarkable costumes.

The aliens fulfill Hanna and Melvin while trick-or-treating. Eventually, Hanna discovers of their genuine identities and objective and decides to assist them. The alien's innocence and Hanna's kindness produce a bond between them. Their mission takes them through funny situations, consisting of an altercation with a woman who attempts to keep them as decors for her Halloween party.

In the end, Hanna and Melvin assist the aliens refill their spaceship, and Gloom sets out to return house. Back on the ship, Gloom reveals he had sufficient crystals to return house all the time but sent the team out as an enjoyable excursion. Nevertheless, throughout the last departure, Plunk accidentally drops a crystal, which is gotten by Melvin, recommending possible future experiences. Therefore, the movie ends on a bittersweet note but guarantees of new beginnings.

Regardless of its restricted release and mainly unknown cast, "The Last Halloween" garnered substantial gratitude. It got an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects. This special blend of real-time and animated series provided an irregular narrative style that made a substantial mark. The movie features voice work from animation veterans like Frank Welker and Don Messick, which even more boosts its appeal.

"The Last Halloween" is a charming, charming movie integrating components of science fiction, scary, and funny with an interesting mix of live-action and animation. Its light-hearted tone combined with an uniquely styled story makes it a remarkable holiday watch that transcends age restrictions. It mixes drama and comedy while amusing audiences with the aliens' visually comedic misadventures. The film's charm depends on its thematic simpleness, verifying compassion and relationship ultimate winners over obstacles.

Top Cast

  • Rhea Perlman (small)
    Rhea Perlman
    Mrs. Gizborne
  • William Hanna (small)
    William Hanna
  • Will Estes (small)
    Will Estes
  • Sarah Martineck
  • Stan Ivar (small)
    Stan Ivar
  • Michael D. Roberts (small)
    Michael D. Roberts
  • Richard Moll (small)
    Richard Moll
  • Eugene Roche (small)
    Eugene Roche
  • Don Messick (small)
    Don Messick
    Romtu (Voice)
  • Frank Welker (small)
    Frank Welker
    Scoota (voice)
  • Paul Williams (small)
    Paul Williams
    Gleep (Voice)