The Legend of Walks Far Woman (1980)

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Walks Far Woman is a an Indigenous woman of the Blackfoot tribe. She takes revenge on two men who killed her husband and then she is ostracized by her tribe. She then is adopted by the Sioux, the tribe of her mother, and there she tries to start a new life.

"The Legend of Walks Far Woman" is a 1980 western film directed by Mel Damski and starred by Raquel Welch. The movie informs the story of a Blackfoot lady named Walks Far Woman who withstands numerous trials in her life in western America during the 1860s. It's a tale of strength, cultural homage, and strength amidst adversity.

Plot Summary
In the film, Walks Far Woman, initially named Beats Them All, plays by Raquel Welch, is a Native American Blackfoot lady in the 1860s whose life embarks on a catastrophe to rediscovery journey. The film starts with the woman being accused of the death of her other half, Strikes the Iron. In spite of self-defense, she's gotten rid of from her people due to the tribe's customs and laws. With her horse and her valuables, she embarks on a journey of solitude through the prairies and mountains of modern-day Montana and Idaho.

Encounter with White Trappers
While in the wilderness, Walks Far Woman endures by hunting game and gathering wild food. She crosses courses with three white trappers who attempt to harm her. In self-defense, once again, she winds up killing 2 of them but gets recorded by the third guy, Tom Dooley. She handles to escape when a bear assaults the camp.

The Sioux Nation and Love
After getting away Dooley, she comes across a Sioux tribe where she meets Pretty Walker, Red Cloud's war chief. She comes across the Sioux custom where a raped lady needs to wed the rapist. She decides to marry Pretty Walker rather, finding solace and friendship in their relationship. Through their trials, the two develop a considerable bond, and the Sioux Nation becomes her brand-new home.

Plight and Hope
Disaster strikes again when the United States army attacks the Sioux camp, leading to an enormous Sioux casualty consisting of Pretty Walker. Heartbroken, she escapes, leaving once again into the wilderness where she gives birth to Pretty Walker's kid, whom she names "Walks Far". Walks Far Woman and her child face trials, challenges, hardship, and difficulties while trying to make it through in the wilderness.

Resolution and Acceptance
Regardless of all the bad luck, Walks Far Woman stands firm, utilizing her knowledge, nerve, and cultural heritage to create a life for herself and her child. Toward completion of the film, a reunion in between her and her Blackfoot individuals is suggested, indicating a potential reconciliation.

"The Legend of Walks Far Woman" is an effective representation of a Native American woman's inevitable reality during the duration. The film uses a special point of view that diverts from the standard Western-American gaze, offering a voice to marginalized characters, particularly the native females. Raquel Welch provides a strong performance as Walks Far Woman, portraying intricate measurements of the character's journey from catastrophe to strength. The film carefully pushes at cultural, ceremonial, and conventional aspects of the era, providing a peek into the daily lives, dynamics, and battles of Native Americans.

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