The Mystery of Casa Matusita (2016)

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An American writer and his wife temporarily move into the infamous "Casa Matusita" in Lima, Peru for a journalistic investigation. The couple encounter seemingly supernatural events, changing their lives in ways they could never imagine. Based on True Events

"The Mystery of Casa Matusita" is a 2016 suspense and scary movie directed by Catherine C. Pirotta and produced by Catherine C. Pirotta, Christian Serritiello, and Robert Gavin. The movie stars Katherine Browning, Catalina Testa, and Emma Godoy in the lead roles. The story is embeded in Lima, Peru, and focuses on the legends and secrets surrounding the real-life abandoned home, the Casa Matusita. This Peruvian urban myth informs the story of a haunted home filled with malevolent spirits, ghosts, and inexplicable supernatural phenomena, and the film digs deep into the myths and investigates the tricks concealed behind the walls of the enigmatic mansion, which has become a sign of worry and fear for the local community.

The story begins when Lucy Vanderburg (Katherine Browning), an investigative journalist, receives a tip regarding weird incidents happening at the infamous Casa Matusita. Intrigued by the supernatural reports and stories surrounding the haunted home, she grabs the chance to reveal the fact behind these legends and chooses to lead an investigative group to check out Casa Matusita. She is accompanied by an expert in the history of the supernatural, Christopher Chavez (Christian Serritiello); her friend and television manufacturer, Gavin Jackson (Robert Gavin); and an audiovisual professional, Marina (Catalina Testa).

Once inside the haunted mansion, the group begins experiencing many supernatural events, such as ghostly phantoms, inexplicable noises, and other spooky occurrences that come from the dark past of your house. As they delve deeper into the enigma behind the haunted house, they discover that the legends appear to be rooted in an upsetting fact, that the malicious forces are not just simple stories to frighten people away. As each of the staff member challenges their own fears and personal devils within the walls of this cursed home, they have a hard time to decipher the secret behind the tragic and ominous events that occurred several years ago.

Themes and Symbolism
"The Mystery of Casa Matusita" concentrates on the styles of worry, supernatural, and human nature, as it investigates the intersection between legends and truth, along with the subjective nature of beliefs and understandings. The film talk about the power of worry and the impact it can have on the human mind, as the characters face their personal satanic forces and view dangers both real and envisioned.

The film also explores the principle of evil, as the malicious spirits and supernatural incidents in the haunted house represent an external manifestation of the darker aspects of human nature. Your home itself works as a sign and metaphor in the story, representing a manifestation of wicked and past injuries, inviting the characters to face their fears and perhaps concern terms with their own dark sides.

Reception and Analysis
"The Mystery of Casa Matusita" received mixed evaluations from the critics and audiences, with some praising the atmospheric and suspenseful storytelling, along with the spooky visual effects and the setting that brought this urban legend to life on screen. The movie's slow-burn tension and spooky, atmospheric method to scary were valued by the viewers who delight in a more psychological approach to the genre.

Nevertheless, others criticized the film's lack of creativity in checking out the haunted house subgenre and its dependence on familiar tropes and cliches. Some discovered the film's pacing to be unequal, with the build-up of stress and thriller being inconsistent, triggering a lack of connection to the characters and their battles.

Regardless of the mixed reception, "The Mystery of Casa Matusita" remains an interesting expedition of a lesser-known Peruvian urban myth and acts as a chilling suggestion of the power of worry and supernatural beliefs in our lives.

Top Cast

  • Malcolm McDowell (small)
    Malcolm McDowell
  • Skeet Ulrich (small)
    Skeet Ulrich
  • Catalina Sandino Moreno (small)
    Catalina Sandino Moreno
  • Bruce Davison (small)
    Bruce Davison
  • Tyler Young (small)
    Tyler Young
    Mike (at 20-Years-Old)
  • Antonieta Pari
  • Colette Freedman (small)
    Colette Freedman
    Nurse Troy
  • Tegan Summer
    Dr. Grant
  • Amanda Hume
    Matusita's Guest
  • Gaia Passaler
  • Kelley Dorney