The Perfect Daughter (1996)

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Alexandra Michaelson has spent two years on the city streets as a runaway, but she awakens after an accident with no memory of her recent past. Her family welcomes her back, but soon she's visited by a man who claims he's her boyfriend. While trying to rekindle her memory, he tells Alexandra that somewhere she has hidden $100,000 stolen from a dangerous drug dealer.

Movie Overview
"The Perfect Daughter" is a 1996 drama movie directed by Harry S. Longstreet and starring Tracey Gold, William R. Moses, and Olivia Burnette. The plot pivots around the battles of a teen named Lisa and her persistent attempts to measure up to her daddy's impractical expectations, resulting in individual distress and mental health problems.

Plot Summary
Lisa Kane (played by Tracy Gold), the 'ideal' child in concern, is an accomplished high school student who is under significant pressure to keep a perfect image. Her father, Bill (played by William R. Moses), is an ambitious perfectionist who prides himself on his daughter's success. He presses Lisa to the brink with his high expectations and eagerness for perfection, not recognizing the emotional chaos he's triggering her.

To please her dad and keep quality in academics, Lisa surrenders her personal pleasure. Her younger sis, Missy (played by Olivia Burnette), can see her sis's battle however feels defenseless. Lisa begins to develop major eating disorders as a result of tension and pressure to fulfill the standards set by her daddy. She likewise starts experiencing absence of self-confidence, anxiety, and other signs of severe psychological health issues.

Battling with Perfection
Lisa's life takes a turn when her dad, oblivious to her spiraling psychological health, includes more pressure for her to excel in a speech contest. Regardless of her efforts to preserve an exterior, Lisa collapses from exhaustion and malnutrition, finally revealing the immense pressure she's been withstanding.

After being hospitalized, she is detected with anorexia nervosa and depression. Although her mom supports her through treatment, her father finds it challenging to comprehend his contribution to her condition, therefore driving a wedge in between them.

The climax constructs as Lisa challenges her daddy, conveying her troubles in living under his perpetual pursuit of excellence and expressing her desperation for approval and approval. This discussion turns into a cathartic moment for Bill when he understands the damage triggered by his unrealistic expectations. He acknowledges his mistakes, requests forgiveness, and verifies that his love for Lisa isn't contingent on her accomplishments.

"The Perfect Daughter" is a thought-provoking movie delving into the ramifications of adult pressure and the importance of empathy and understanding. The plot sensitively checks out topics like psychological health, consuming conditions, and familial relationships, providing a poignant portrayal of a girl's undertaking to cope with the problem of excellence and approval of herself. Lisa's story reflects the risk of how society's continuous chase for perfection can damage somebody's mental health. The movie ends with a message emphasizing understanding, approval, and love over achievement and excellence.

Top Cast

  • Tracey Gold (small)
    Tracey Gold
    Alexandra Michaelson
  • Bess Armstrong (small)
    Bess Armstrong
    Jill Michaelson
  • Michael Shulman (small)
    Michael Shulman
    Josh Michaelson
  • Mark Joy (small)
    Mark Joy
    Tom Michaelson
  • Harold Pruett (small)
    Harold Pruett
  • Jay Anthony
    Ray Harris
  • Brian Keith Gamble
    Vince (as Brian Gamble)
  • Barry Bell
    Ken Johnson
  • Kerrie Keane (small)
    Kerrie Keane
    Dr. Cooper