The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984)

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Charlie and his troublesome cousin Paulie decide to steal $150000 in order to back a "sure thing" race horse that Paulie has inside information on. The aftermath of the robbery gets them into serious trouble with the local Mafia boss and the corrupt New York City police department.

"The Pope of Greenwich Village" is a 1984 American criminal offense and comedy-drama film directed by Stuart Rosenberg. The movie checks out styles of love, family loyalty, and desperation, set in the backdrop of the interesting underworld of New York City.

Plot Overview
The film centers around two cousins, Charlie and Paulie, who live and wander on the streets of Greenwich Village. Charlie, played by Mickey Rourke, is a former dining establishment supervisor who has lost his task due to his negligent cousin, Paulie's misdemeanors. On the other hand, Paulie, depicted by Eric Roberts, is rather of a minor scoundrel and scam artist who is constantly computing and preparation whacky ideas to make some fast dollars. In spite of his disruptive influence, Charlie remains protective and loyal towards his cousin.

The Heist
The primary drama unfolds when Paulie creates a concept to rob a 'safe' in a local company. The safe comes from an effective mafia manager 'Bed Bug' Eddie, who is notorious as a harmful figure in the area. Uninformed of the major implications, Charlie and Paulie, along with their safecracker good friend Barney, choose to perform the heist.

The Aftermath
The strategy backfires when Barney suddenly dies of a heart attack, making it difficult for them to return the taken money. In retaliation, 'Bed Bug' Eddie eliminates Paulie's racehorse and abducts Charlie's sweetheart Diane, played by Daryl Hannah. Through a series of tense circumstances and grasping scenes, Charlie tries to bring the money and save his cherished.

Despite the difficulties, Charlie emerges strongly from the challenges. He handles to outmaneuver the mafia with large wit and courage. The film ends on a high note, highlighting Charlie's resilience versus misfortune. However, it also underlines the severe truth of street life, where friendship, love, and dreams are continuously threatened by danger and power politics.

"The Pope of Greenwich Village" is considered a cult classic for its sensible representation of life in Greenwich Village and the raw, pragmatical representation of its characters. Mickey Rourke's efficiency as Charlie won him vital recognition. Eric Roberts's representation of Paulie amassed him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The film perfectly encapsulates the essence of Greenwich Village, juxtaposing its idyllic charm with the grim reality of criminal offense and poverty.

Final Thoughts
"The Pope of Greenwich Village" is a powerful blend of drama, crime, and funny, cleverly resolving the human elements of survival, kinship, and aspiration. The movie intrigues viewers, keeping them engaged with its intense plot twists and incredible character representations.

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