The Rebels (1979)

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This sequel to "The Bastard" continues the saga of Philip Kent, the illegitimate son of an English nobleman, who has renounced his patrician birthright to become a Colonial soldier fighting for America's independence, befriending a Southern aristocrat and his earthy buddy to help thwart a plot to assassinate George Washington. (Episodes 3 and 4 of the Kent Chronicles miniseries.)

Movie Overview
"The Rebels", a historic drama released in 1979, is based on John Jakes's novel, adjusted as the 2nd part of CBS's American Bicentennial Celebrations. The mini-series, directed by Russ Mayberry and Richard Holmes, catches the essence of the American Revolutionary War, depicting a young nation's battle for self-reliance versus British tyranny.

Plot and Storyline
The movie follows Philip Kent, a French-English immigrant in Massachusetts excited to assert his American identity in the middle of the Revolutionary turmoil. Philip, played by Andrew Stevens, ultimately becomes a paper editor and legal clerk, uniting a band of rebels to eliminate for American liberty.

Throughout the motion picture, Philip and his band of rebels endured and increased versus adversities, facing challenges such as hunger, freezing cold, and harsh combat realities versus a powerful British army. Regardless of their dilapidated state, their determination to eliminate for liberty and self-reliance never waned.

Characters and Performances
Andrew Stevens portrays the lead character Philip Kent with a blend of guts, resolution, vulnerability, and optimism. His performance masterfully encapsulates his character's narrative arc from an immigrant to a brave Revolutionary War patriot. Other important roles consist of Peter Graves as George Washington, Kim Cattrall as Anne Ware, and Don Johnson as Judson Fletcher.

The experienced cast, particularly Graves' credible rendition of Washington, enhances the film's credibility. The cameos by noteworthy stars like William Daniels and John Carradine even more include a glamorous touch to the movie.

Themes and Reception
"The Rebels" effectively forecasts the ideals of flexibility, patriotism, and unity applied by the American individuals throughout the Revolutionary War. It explores the social relationships within the Kent family and its partners, supplying a more extensive and individual account of the historic event. The compelling mix of action, romance, drama, and suspense makes sure an appealing audience viewing experience.

Upon its release, the movie received mixed reviews. While critics critiqued it for its nostalgic patriotism and historic errors, the supporters praised its gritty representation of the American battle for self-reliance and the powerful efficiencies provided by the cast.

In conclusion, "The Rebels" is a drama-fuelled historic movie that traces the American Revolutionary War's socio-political landscape. In spite of its flaws in historic representation, it creates an appealing story through its portrayal of private characters, providing a relatable view into American History. The performances, particularly by Andrew Stevens as Philip Kent, stand apart and enhance the general watching experience, making it a remarkable part of CBS's American Bicentennial Celebrations.

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