The Six Wives of Henry Lefay (2009)

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A presumed-dead man's current wife and former wives squabble over his funeral arrangements.

"The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" is a funny movie directed by Howard Gould and released in 2009. The lead role is played by Tim Allen who depicts an effective salesman with a complex marital history. The film handles a humorous technique to household relationships as it examines the life of a male from the perspective of his numerous ex-wives and his child.

Plot Overview
Henry Lefay (Tim Allen) is a charming yet utterly irresponsible trinket salesman, understood for his beauty and serial marriages, having been wedded 5 times with a 6th in development. His life takes a sudden turn when he goes sky diving during his trip in Mexico and vanishes, presumed dead. Upon hearing the news, his child Barbara (played by Elisha Cuthbert) is charged with organizing his funeral. However, she faces a significant obstacle in attempting to fulfill the various demands from Henry's ex-wives over the composition of the funeral service.

All the Ex-Wives
There's his very first wife, Kate (Andie MacDowell), a hard broad who acts as if she owns Henry. 2nd wife, Marilyn (Jenna Elfman), is a perky blonde with a hippie aura. The third other half, Ophelia (Paz Vega), is an intense Latina. His existing other half, number 6, Moon (Lindsay Sloane) is shocked at Henry's death. Fourth spouse, Veronica (Kelli Garner), is a British female who's left in the dark and doesn't appear until the final act. The 5th other half is a Russian mail-order bride, Olga (Svetlana Metkina), who has had restricted interactions with Henry.

Henry's Apparent Death and Aftermath
Following Henry's evident death from an accident during a skydiving trip in Mexico, each spouse and their kids show up at his elegant house. Barbara has a hard time to manage all her feuding stepmothers who each claim entitlements to Henry's will. The funeral arrangements become a circus as each better half fights for control, wishing to honor Henry's memory in their own distinct method.

The Twist Towards completion
Nevertheless, in a twist of events, it is exposed that Henry faked his death to leave his financial obligations. His sudden return adds more turmoil and hilarity as the ladies are stunned by his re-emergence, and he now has to handle the mess he's left behind. In the end, in spite of all the hassle, Henry proves to have a considerable impact on the lives of his partners and his child Barbara, who handles to see previous his defects and loves him unconditionally.

"The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" depicts the intricacy of relationships, especially marital relationship, and how its after-effects can stimulate a selection of emotions even after separation. The efficiencies of the leading characters are laudable, with elements of humour spun magnificently into the story. Though mainly a comedy, the movie likewise examines the much deeper styles of love, household, and forgiveness. In spite of their differences, all of his spouses and his daughter are bound together since of their shared history with Henry Lefay.

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