The Spirit Is Willing (1967)

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When Ben and Kate Powell rent a haunted New England house by the sea, their son Steve gets blamed for the destruction caused by three unruly ghosts.

Film Overview
"The Spirit Is Willing" is a funny scary film from 1967, directed by the legendary William Castle. Featuring popular Hollywood stars of the duration such as Sid Caesar and Vera Miles, it's an unique mix of humor and supernatural elements. The film, adapted from a Nathaniel Benchley unique "The Visitors", is set in a haunted summer season house and brings the audiences a roller coaster of laughter and thriller at the very same time.

The movie begins when Ben and Meg Powell, played by Sid Caesar and Vera Miles respectively, lease a summer season home for a relaxing vacation with their child, Steve. Unbeknownst to them, your house has a dark and deadly history. It was here, a century ago, that a tragic love triangle ended in a dreadful triple murder-- an envious sea captain eliminated his unfaithful other half and her lover before devoting suicide.

The previous resident spirits start triggering mayhem and havoc as soon as the Powell family relocates. They experience rather unreasonable haunting experiences-- from flying furnishings to spectral orgies, causing a series of comical mistakes and confusions. The ghostly events generally impact their son, who ends up being suspect for the paranormal activities.

Sid Caesar, as Ben Powell, plays a caring dad who attempts to protect his household from the scary happenings, in a comic fashion. Vera Miles, as Meg Powell, hesitantly battles the supernatural incidents and frequently errors her spouse's efforts to protect her as cheating. Barry Gordon, as Steve, brings the spirit encounters to life and finds himself in a continuous battle to establish his innocence. John McGiver, as Dr. Frieden, the psychiatrist, contributes to the eccentricity of the plot.

The climax takes a twist when a couple concerned look for some lost buried treasure, the motive for the initially murder-suicide. The mysterious disappearance of this couple even more intensifies the hysteria. Ben and Meg, in a humorous turn, end up in a psychiatric institution attempting to discuss the mysterious happenings. On the other hand, Steve, with his wit, discovers the treasure and helps the spirits to lastly rest in peace. The movie ends with the Powell household leaving the now peaceful house, physically tired but richer for the entire paranormal experience.

The movie is popular for its unique approach to the scary category, bringing in comical components that include a whole brand-new level of home entertainment. Regardless of being consulted with blended feelings from critics, lots of appreciated Castle's ingenious combination of horror and comedy. Today, it's typically viewed as a charmingly strange classic in Castle's collection.

"The Spirit is Willing" is a distinct representative of the comedy scary genre that continues to engage audiences with components of delights, chills, and laughter integrated in a distinct way. William Castle's development highlights his visionary film making, as he blends the supernatural and humor in a manner that keeps the spirit alive, even after more than half a century of its release. It's a testimony to the age's filmmaking trends while demonstrating how imaginative and flexible directors might get within a provided category.

Top Cast

  • Sid Caesar (small)
    Sid Caesar
    Ben Powell
  • Vera Miles (small)
    Vera Miles
    Kate Powell
  • Barry Gordon (small)
    Barry Gordon
    Steve Powell
  • John McGiver (small)
    John McGiver
    Uncle George
  • Cass Daley (small)
    Cass Daley
    Felicity Twitchell
  • Ricky Cordell (small)
    Ricky Cordell
    Miles Thorpe
  • Mary Wickes (small)
    Mary Wickes
    Gloria Tritt
  • Jesse White (small)
    Jesse White
    Fess Dorple
  • Robert Donner (small)
    Robert Donner
    Ebenezer Twitchell
  • Nestor Paiva (small)
    Nestor Paiva
    Felicity's Father
  • Doodles Weaver (small)
    Doodles Weaver
    Booper Mellish