The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It (1977)

The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It Poster

John Cleese is hilarious as the descendant of Sherlock Holmes in this modern detective drama of international power politics and intrigue. Unlike his illustrious grandfather however, he only succeeds in bungling every job he organizes. Also stars Arthur Lowe as the "bionic" grandson of Dr. Watson, Stratford Johns as the Commissioner of Police, and Connie Booth as Mrs. Hudson.

Film Overview
"The Strange Case of completion of Civilization As We Know It" is a British funny film launched in 1977, directed by Joseph McGrath. It imitates Arthur Conan Doyle's popular investigator, Sherlock Holmes. The twist being, the lead character is represented as Arthur Sherlock Holmes (John Cleese), the grandson of Sherlock Holmes, in a modern setting.

The movie opens with Arthur Sherlock Holmes, who has actually taken control of his grandfather's detective company in modern-day London, working alongside Dr. William Watson (Arthur Lowe), the grandson of Dr. Watson. The plot is set in movement when they receive a mystical videotape featuring the eponymous 'The Other Side'. The wicked mastermind behind 'The Other Side' is appropriately called Moriarty (Willie Rushton), the grandson of the original Moriarty, who is plotting to ruin civilization through a series of orchestrated criminal acts.

Humour and Characters
Holmes is a quirky character who entertains audiences with his distinct elements of deranged humor, pride, and peculiarities. The comical high-jinks mainly focus on his misconceptions based on literalism and wordplay. For example, during a power blackout caused by Moriarty, Holmes insists on utilizing candlesticks as a source of light whilst a brilliant daylight is seen from the window.

Heated exchanges between Holmes and Watson further highlight their funny dynamic. Watson, depicted as the more reasonable and practical of the 2, typically ends up being the subject of Holmes' unintended comedy. Furthermore, the comical stereotypes of different citizenships consisting of Scottish, American, and Italian are featured in the film.

Uncovering The Plot
The film showcases how Holmes and Watson decipher Moriarty's convoluted plot. In order to unearth various tips left by Moriarty, Holmes greatly trusts deductive reasoning. From a plastic dinosaur and a Dracula mask to the ashes of a blew up provider pigeon, Holmes presumes Moriarty's intent to obliterate world leaders.

The movie reaches its climax when Holmes and Watson manage to locate the bad guys' secret lair just in time to stop Moriarty blowing up a world peace conference. The turning point is when Watson unintentionally rests on and therefore shuts off the button triggering the explosive gadget. Moriarty, captured in the act, is surprised by the unexpected arrival of Holmes and Watson, eventually triggering his own demise by falling into his shark tank.

Total Evaluation
"The Strange Case of completion of Civilization As We Know It" is a smart parody of the classic Sherlock Holmes detective stories, laden with iconic British humor and wit. The comedy and drama in the narrative are effectively interspersed with elements of thriller and surprise. John Cleese and Arthur Lowe provide exceptional performances, successfully recording the essence of the satirical script. In spite of the fundamental absurdity in its comical styling, the film maintains an appealing plotline that shows subtle social commentary.

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