The Survivor (1981)

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When a 747 crashes shortly after take-off, the sole survivor is the pilot. Virtually unhurt, he and the investigators look for the answers to the disaster. Meanwhile mysterious deaths occur in the community and only a psychic, in touch with the supernatural, can help the pilot unravel the mystery surrounding the doomed plane.

Film Overview
"The Survivor" is a fascinating and suspense-filled 1981 horror film directed by David Hemmings. The movie, embeded in Australia, is based upon a book of the exact same title by prolific horror author James Herbert. The story guarantees a gripping journey checking out supernatural styles while focusing on the remarkable experiences of its primary character, Keller, played skillfully by Robert Powell.

Plot Summary
The narrative of "The Survivor" elaborately juggles styles of the supernatural, mystery, and psychological chaos. It starts with a terrible aircraft crash in which 300 travelers are eliminated, leaving the pilot, Keller, as the sole survivor. This mind-blowing wonder raises a lot of eyebrows and stimulates intrigue around the scenarios that resulted in this monumental and apparently impossible occasion.

As authorities investigate, Keller's life ends up being linked with Hobbs, a clairvoyant lady played by Jenny Agutter, who seems to possess pertinent insight into the catastrophe. Hobbs begins experiencing the phantoms of the plane crash victims and becomes devoted to discovering the secret behind the crash. Together, they dive into an expedition of supernatural events that accompany their quest for answers. The horrific phantoms, coupled with the suspensful plot, craft an eerie atmosphere that constantly shrouds the events in the film.

Character Exploration
A substantial part of "The Survivor" concentrates on the psychological chaos Keller experiences as he faces survivor's regret. Robert Powell's fantastic portrayal of the guilt-ridden Keller highlights the depths of his trauma and the devastation at being the sole survivor of such a disaster. The uncommon bond he strikes with Hobbs includes another layer of complexity to his character, and his battle to comprehend the supernatural occasions that keep unfolding around him.

Design and Direction
"The Survivor" is stamped with traditional Hemmings' skill, identified by atmospheric horror and strong character advancement. The cinematic effects, although modest by today's standards, remain reliable in supplementing the storyline with a chilling background. The chilling atmosphere combined with Hemmings' outstanding instructions and the film's sharp, suspense-filled narrative highly echo the horror aura Hemmings' movies are understood for.

"The Survivor", upon its release, was consulted with blended evaluations. Some critics applauded Hemmings' slick execution of the suspenseful storyline, paired with Powell's noteworthy performance. On the other hand, some viewers discovered the plot convoluted, and the scary aspects were considered underwhelming. In spite of the combined feedback, the film has actually gotten a type of cult status among horror lovers and stays a significant part of movie theater discussions around the 1980s supernatural scary category.

In general, "The Survivor" tells a deeply unnerving tale wrapped in layers of suspense and horror. It is a journey into the disturbing world of the indescribable that leaves viewers considering the thin line between the real world and the supernatural. Its mix of raw human emotion, especially focusing on survivor's guilt, combined with the unexplained, offers a remarkable viewing experience for fans of the horror category.

Top Cast

  • Robert Powell (small)
    Robert Powell
  • Jenny Agutter (small)
    Jenny Agutter
  • Joseph Cotten (small)
    Joseph Cotten
  • Angela Punch McGregor (small)
    Angela Punch McGregor
  • Peter Sumner (small)
    Peter Sumner
  • Lorna Lesley (small)
    Lorna Lesley
  • Ralph Cotterill
  • Adrian Wright
  • Tyler Coppin (small)
    Tyler Coppin
  • Kirk Alexander
    Dr. Alexander
  • Jon Nicholls